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Enterprises and business households are supported with an interest rate of 2% a year

The interest rate support level of 2% a year is for some businesses, cooperatives and business households until the end of next year, under the economic recovery master program 2022-2023.

The above content belongs to Decree 31 signed by Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai on May 20. Areas expected to receive a loan interest rate support of 2% per year include: aviation; warehouse transportation; tourism, accommodation services; manufacturing and processing industry; Software publishing, computer programming, information services…

In addition, businesses that borrow money to work on social housing projects, housing for workers, renovating old apartments… on the list of projects announced by the Ministry of Construction, are also eligible for support. interest rates from commercial banks.

Loans with interest rate support in Vietnam dong, signed loan agreements and disbursed from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

The support interest rate of 2% a year is calculated on the loan balance and the actual loan term. At the time of interest payment for each period, the commercial bank will reduce to the customer the amount of interest payable equal to the amount of interest supported in the period.

The term of interest support is calculated from the date of loan disbursement to the time when the customer pays off the loan principal or interest as agreed upon between the commercial bank and the customer, in line with the approved interest rate support funding source. notice, but not later than December 31, 2023.

Also according to this decree, enterprises, business households, if they have overdue principal balance or late payment interest balance, or are extended debt… will not be able to continue to receive interest rate support.

The Decree also clearly states that the interest rate support must be public, transparent, right for the right subjects, for the right purposes, and avoid taking advantage of policies. Commercial banks support interest rates in accordance with regulations, creating favorable conditions for customers.

This interest rate support loan will be stopped after December 31, 2023, or when the bank’s limit expires.

The economic and social recovery support package approved in January has key solutions in investment, health care, infrastructure development, etc., with a total scale of nearly 350,000 billion VND.

In which, the loan with interest rate of 2% per year for enterprises, cooperatives and business households is about 40,000 billion VND.

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