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Export of goods to 5 continents has high growth


Specifically, exports of goods to Asia increased by 13%; Americas, up 21%; Europe increased by nearly 15%; Oceania by 28%; Africa increased by nearly 16%…

The Americas was the market with the strongest growth of over $42 billion, of which exports to the US reached $36.2 billion, up 20.8% over the same period last year.

Product groups with high growth and great value include: phones and accessories, computers, electronic products and components, machinery, equipment and spare parts, textiles and garments, seafood, etc. .

Production of most industries, fields and localities is in the trend of recovery and growth again. In the remaining months of the second quarter, export activities are still active because all enterprises have signed export contracts.

The current difficulty is that the rising prices of many commodities, raw materials and materials in the world have put great pressure on production costs of enterprises, especially gasoline prices The increase has had an impact on increasing the cost of goods and services, putting pressure on production and business activities and slowing down the economic recovery process.

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