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How do CEOs usually set passwords?

Many executives and business leaders still use simple passwords, but tend to choose names over numbers.

According to statistics from NordPass, a company specializing in password management applications, top business leaders also use many easy-to-guess passwords, even though they hold the safety of the company and employees in their hands. The study analyzed 290 million cybersecurity data breaches globally over the past time, then classified business owners or C-level directors or higher as CEO (executive director), CMO (director) marketing director) and CTO (chief technology officer).

As a result, the password “123456” is still used the most by business owners with more than 220,000 times, while “123456789” is about 64,500 times. These popular password such as “qwerty”, “password” and “1111” also have a high frequency of use.

The passwords that business owners use the most.  Source: NordPass

The passwords that business owners use the most. The source: NordPass

However, business leaders tend to set passwords as names rather than numbers, such as “Tiffany” detected in more than 100,000 breaches, “Charlie” 33,600 times, and “Michael” and ” Jordan” is more than 10,000 times.

The word animal is also a favorite choice of many business leaders, such as “Dragon” detected 12,000 times and “Monkey” 11,600 times.

“The fact that CEOs and leaders set weak passwords can create conditions for hackers to break into company systems and take away important data. For businesses, it is also the survival of many people.” , Ash Smith, an information technology engineer, told PC Gamer. “A strong password should be made up of three random and easy-to-remember words. It could come from a familiar story you already have in your head.” The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center makes similar recommendations.

According to Bleeping Computer, about 80% of data breaches in major global companies involve easy-to-guess passwords. Therefore, users, including business owners, need to choose complex passwords with at least 9 characterspreferably numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and special characters.

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