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Husband rewarded a luxury trip, his wife just came back from going out and was scolded by her husband asking for a divorce-Young friend

Friday, May 20, 2022 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

My husband wanted to divorce his wife, so he came up with a terrible plan.

Husband rewarded a luxury trip, his wife just came back from going out and was scolded by her husband for a divorce - 1

What should I do with my husband’s pressure? (Illustration)

It seemed as if my husband and I had cooled down because my husband paid little attention to his wife and children, and was often irritable and often came home late… Suddenly, 10 days ago, my husband made a request. reward his wife with an outing at a luxury tourist destination, eating at a 5-star hotel next to a beautiful beach.

I am very happy because my husband and I have not gone anywhere for a long time, so we are very excited about my husband’s proposal. Moreover, the last time my company had a lot of work, I had to work day and night to finish the project. Probably loves his wife, wants to let me relax. We decided to “escape the child” to enjoy the vacation together.

But then, near the departure date, my husband had an unexpected job. The trip has already been paid for, it would be a waste not to go, a few tens of millions, but not much. My husband suggested that I bring someone else with me, but it was too close to the date so no one could arrange to go. My husband comforted me: “Travel in groups, go there full of sisters, free to have fun. Housework, children just let me take care of”.

I also had to accept going out alone. True to my husband’s words, I’ve made some new friends, I’ve only just met them, but I think they’ve been close friends for a long time. Going to a luxurious place, experiencing many high-class services, going to places with beautiful scenery… At that time, I thought to myself, going out alone has its own beauty.

Returning home after the trip, I was happy and excited to tell my husband and children about the places I had visited, hoping the whole family could go out like that. My children love to go out and are delighted with the gifts their mother buys. My husband was taciturn, did not understand why he was upset, but when he let me go, he enthusiastically encouraged me, when he returned, he turned like that.

Two days later, my husband came home late, when it was only the couple in the bedroom, he held out a photo book and threw it in front of me, angrily saying: “I let you go on a vacation, not a couple. I have all the proof of photos and videos of you having an affair with a guy, I can’t stand you anymore. I want to divorce you.”

I was stunned, I didn’t understand what was going on. Looking at the photo album, the intimate scene between me and the unmarried, handsome and very polite young man accompanying my tour group. Seeing me go alone, he politely helped me in a very manly manner. I have not gone alone with him, behaved very politely, absolutely nothing too much with him.

And yet, all those photos taken from different angles made me wonder as if they were a couple. Especially the picture of him instructing me to swim in the pool, it was like hugging and falling in love… I explained but my husband refused, kept blaming and demanding a divorce.

Knowing that I was “underwhelming”, I deepened the process of going out, my husband’s moves, and found out for myself. It turned out that my husband was the one who had a girlfriend outside, he deliberately let me go out to set a trap for me. Most likely, the young man was hired by my husband to act, or maybe my husband set someone on the same trip with me to secretly take pictures…

My husband threatened to release the evidence to my relatives and colleagues. I am no longer interested in such a trick husband and am very tired. What should I do with my husband’s pressure? Should we find a way to expose him, or accept the divorce as soon as possible?

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