I never thought I was cheating in love

Used to be the “hot” face of VTV after participating in the series Drops of water, Whispers from the past, Marriage in a narrow alley, Girls in the city, Life and death…, Recently, Chi Nhan returned with a different image when he played the role of Quang Vu in the movie Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover.

An embarrassing incident with Quynh Nga

– After quite a long time since the movie “Survival and Death”, the audience can see Chi Nhan again on the screen. Vu is a role with a rather complicated interior behind a polite and well-mannered appearance. Does this make it difficult for you?

I am a person who likes challenges, experiences and the feeling of surpassing my own limits. Therefore, I always look forward to portraying characters with complicated inner feelings, many struggles in thought, changes in thought and action. The more difficult the character, the more I want to conquer to get to the bottom of the character’s psychology. From there, I will conquer the audience, make the audience sympathize, give love to both the character and the actor. Quang Vu’s Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover such a character

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In “Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover”, Vu (Chi Nhan) is Giang’s ex-lover (La Thanh Huyen), who appeared when she was married to Viet (Viet Anh). The complicated relationship between the three promises to bring interesting developments to the film.

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Capital does not like Vu, so Minh (Quynh Nga) constantly shows an unpleasant attitude to him.

I accepted the role of Vu because I found this to be a quite charming and interesting character. I found empathy in his thinking and psychological transformation before the events that occurred in his situation. Above all, I feel that I have a very good relationship with the director, Meritorious Artist Vu Truong Khoa. Every movie that I cooperate with and is directed and directed by Mr. Khoa, both the film and my role leave a certain mark and are loved by many audiences.

– What is the behind-the-scenes scene that you remember the most so far?

I can’t reveal the details or the upcoming scenes on the movie. But I will share with you an incident in this movie that really embarrassed me. This is also the incident that I experienced for the first time during my artistic career.

In the company meeting scene in the last episode 5, it was the segment where many viewers commented that if it was Vu, they would immediately fire Minh Minh because he always showed a non-boss attitude. We filmed that scene at almost 9 pm, everyone in the crew was very tired after working 12 hours continuously. Moreover, Vu’s dialogue is two pages long from the script. Therefore, to encourage the spirit of brothers and sisters in the group, Ms. La Thanh Huyen bet with me a cup of coffee if I can shoot a double and have to finish before 9pm. I excitedly “received the bet” and successfully completed my scene at 20:58.

It was Quynh Nga’s turn to shoot, and Huyen also encouraged her in the same way. However, when she got close to the last sentence, Nga was out of breath and the dialogue tripped. At that time, for some reason, I unconsciously laughed. Although I tried to suppress the laughter in my throat, everyone still knew. At that time, I realized my lack of politeness and was extremely embarrassed. Although after that, Ms. La Thanh Huyen cured my embarrassment by “scouting”: “By the way, please stop laughing at your co-stars!”, but in my heart I still feel very troubled. So when I finished filming and got back in the car, I sent an apology message to Quynh Nga and confessed that throughout my career, I have never felt as ungrateful as that day.

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Chi Nhan hopes that the new role will be sympathized and loved by a large audience.

Stealing maybe from the movie Life and Death to this movie, I don’t treat Russia so badly (laughs). Therefore, Nga is also very dear and generous to me. The next morning, when I met everyone again, the atmosphere became cheerful and lively as usual. And to reveal to you, that afternoon I had to apologize to everyone with a lunch and coffee.

– After being nominated for “Impressive Actor” at the 2016 VTV Awards until now, he still seems to be absent from the awards race. Although it has made its mark on the theater stage with awards, it has not been with dramas. Does this upset you?

There is a character that I always imagine if assigned, how I would act, that is Phan Quan in the movie ‘The Judge’. I hope to have the opportunity to portray the type of character that is both protagonist and evil, powerful and emotional, hot and cold at the same time.

Actor Chi Nhan

I don’t feel sorry for that. For me like many artists, leaving an impression in the hearts of the audience or being recognized, watched and supported by the audience in each role, each movie and accompanying on a new artistic path. This is the biggest and most important prize. Without the audience there would be no artist!

– In the future, what kind of role do you want to try?

As I have shared, I am a person who likes challenges and always wants to renew myself, so I rarely create a model for a character that I like. But there is one character that I always imagine if assigned, what I would do, that is Phan Quan in the movie the judge, The role was performed very successfully by the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung. I hope I will have the opportunity to portray the type of character that is both protagonist and evil, powerful and emotional, hot and cold at the same time.

What I want to do most is play with my son

– In the press conference of the movie “Ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-lover”, he had an impressive answer about the message that the film conveys, which is to hope that every moviegoer will look at it for a way civilized behavior with old relationships. So how is your current relationship with your ex?

Currently, we both have separate lives, but we always take care of, care for and educate our son together.

– Having a career and talent, but his love story is quite messy. After incomplete love affairs, has your faith in love and marriage diminished?

I never thought that my love life was in trouble. To me, every event that happens in life is a necessary experience in life. And I think that each person who appears in my life will bring useful lessons, help me gradually improve and become the best version of myself.

I have always believed in the love between people. And the most concrete proof is a statement by the late People’s Artist Hoang Dung that I can’t answer or argue with, which is: “I don’t understand why every child’s love is like the first love huh? ?”

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On his personal page, the actor often shares happy moments with his son.

– Will you be ready to open your heart to marriage again?

I, like everyone else, always want to be happy with a full and peaceful family with someone who loves, understands and sympathizes with me.

– What is most important to you at the moment?

For me right now, the most important thing is to always receive a lot of love and support from the audience. Being accompanied by the audience on the artistic path is something that makes me extremely happy.

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In addition to being an actor, Chi Nhan is currently the MC of sports programs at VTVCab.

– Busy with many jobs from actor to MC, how much time do you spend for yourself? In your spare time, what do you usually do?

There is a saying that I find true, which is: “When you get to do what you love every day, you never have to go to work.” I always love and find joy in the current work. I can play roles on the stage of the Hanoi Drama Theater or in the dramas that are of interest to the audience. In addition, I am also “satisfied” with hobbies and passions when taking on the role of sports MC at VTVcab.

After a day of work, the thing I want to do the most is play with my son. At that time, my father and I could play seahorses or other sports together. I think it’s going to be a really great day for me!

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