Kim Thanh reaches the finish line of the new rural district

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Trieu The Hung, Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of the Party Committee, authorities and people of Kim Thanh district, always promoting the spirit of solidarity, creativity, efforts to strive for excellence. fight, overcome difficulties, focus on promoting development economy – society, building a strong political system and achieving many important achievements. The economy has had good growth, the economic structure continues to shift in a positive direction.

In particular, in the implementation of the National Target Program on New Rural Development (NTM), Kim Thanh district had a low starting point, a high poverty rate, inadequate infrastructure, etc. But with the incident. Through its efforts, the district actively grasped the different potentials and advantages and created many unique values, the material and spiritual life of the people was increasingly improved.

Mr. Hung emphasized, in order to continue to effectively carry out the tasks of socio-economic development, Party and government building work, especially the National Target Program on building new rural areas, the Party Committee and administration and the people of Kim Thanh district should note the following points.

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Under the authorization of the State President, Prime Minister, Chairman of Hai Duong Provincial People’s Committee Trieu The Hung awarded the certificate of recognition of the district as meeting new rural standards and the Third-class Labor Medal to the Party Committee, Government and People of Kim district. Wall.

Kim Thanh district continues to lead and direct the organization to well implement the Resolution of the Party Congresses at all levels, accelerate economic growth towards a sustainable direction, create a strong change in quality and competitiveness. , make the most of their own potentials, distinct advantages, and effectively mobilize and use resources to create breakthroughs in socio-economic development.

Thoroughly grasp the concept of “building a rural village with a starting point, without an end point”, promoting propaganda to create a high consensus of the whole society so that the business community and people continue to join hands and contribute. NTM construction.

Continue to maintain and improve the quality of the criteria for new rural areas, to build advanced new homes and model homes. Focus on mobilizing resources to build synchronous rural socio-economic infrastructure. Economic development is associated with traditional culture and history, raising the happiness index of the people, thereby turning it into an endogenous strength to build Kim Thanh district to develop quickly and sustainably.

The district needs to stick to the strategy of green growth and digital transformation to prioritize development. Focus on building ecological agriculture, modern rural areas and civilized farmers in the spirit of the Resolution of the 13th National Congress of the Party.

According to Mr. Hung, in order to build Kim Thanh into a green, clean and high-quality agricultural production area of ​​the province, the district needs to overcome environmental pollution to ensure sustainable and long-term development.

Continue to perform well the tasks of national defense and security, maintain political security, social order and safety. Focusing on building the Party and a clean and strong political system. Build an effective and efficient government apparatus. Standardize the contingent of cadres and civil servants in a streamlined and efficient manner.

At the ceremony, Mr. Pham Quang Hung, Chairman of Kim Thanh District People’s Committee, said that thanks to the National Target Program to build new homes. Up to now, the face of rural and urban Kim Thanh has prospered.

The traffic system is synchronously connected with 100% of roads, villages and hamlets being asphalted and concreted; 100% in-field main road ensures convenient transportation of goods; nearly 60km of inland waterways are fitted with a signaling system to ensure traffic of vehicles. Irrigation systems are invested, built and upgraded.

In the coming time, Kim Thanh district will continue to maintain and improve the quality of new rural commune and district criteria; striving that by 2025, the whole district will have 11 communes or more meeting the newly enhanced rural standards; 3 communes finished in the model new rural area, the remaining communes achieved 80% or more of the newly advanced rural criteria.

On this occasion, the Provincial People’s Committee awarded certificates of merit to 3 collectives and 5 individuals; Kim Thanh district commended 11 collectives and 26 individuals with outstanding achievements in building new rural areas of the district.

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