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Latest gas prices today

According to the focal company, the price of gasoline tomorrow may increase by 500-700 VND per liter if the operator does not deduct the stabilization fund.

May 21 is the new operating period gasoline prices but the Ministry of Industry and Trade has not yet updated the price of imported petroleum products in the Singapore market. However, according to data from the world market, the average gasoline price still increased compared to the previous cycle.

The leader of a petrol station in Ho Chi Minh City said that the average price of imported gasoline still increased by about 5-6% compared to the previous cycle. Currently, businesses are losing about 1,000-1,100 dong with gasoline. Therefore, in this operating period, after balancing, the management agency can increase 500-700 VND per liter with gasoline, while oil stays the same or decreases slightly.

Sharing the same opinion, the leader of petroleum in Hanoi said that the business suffered a loss because of high import prices. Meanwhile, the stabilization fund at enterprises is negative, so this operating period, the management agency may have to increase the price without deducting the fund with gasoline.

In the world market, oil prices in the past 3 days fell sharply, of which, on May 18, crude oil fell by 2.5%, Brent down to 109.11 USD a barrel, US WTI to 109.59 USD a barrel. However, according to experts, this product will increase sharply again when China reopens Shanghai city after a strict anti-epidemic period. This causes the demand for oil in China to increase sharply. This is also a country that promotes global oil demand when trade between China and other countries is favorable.

On May 11, gasoline price set a new peak when it increased by about 1,550 dong, to 28,950 dong per liter (with E5 RON92) and 29,980 dong (RON95). Particularly for RON95 V gasoline (premium gasoline), the price has exceeded 30,000 VND.

The price of kerosene is 25,160 VND per liter. Diesel oil is 26,650 VND per liter. Particularly madut oil kept its selling price unchanged, at 21,560 VND per kg.

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