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Learn how to “start content” to build a base of 10 million followers of the pet shop owner who won the YouTube gold button

Recently, at the talkshow series broadcast live “Startup Universe” with the topic “Make money from words – When content is a stepping stone to start a business” with the participation of the owner of Mat Pet Family shop – Sao Mai and staff. Veteran member cum new generation Influencer – Bao Ngan. Viewers have learned and accumulated valuable information from Sao Mai’s more than 10 years of experience with the profession.

Learn how to
Learn how to

Sao Mai, Bao Ngan and MC Thanh Dat in the sharing session “Make money from words – When content is a stepping stone to start a business”

At the same time, Mat’s mother also fueled the fire of content creation when giving many useful advices based on creative content innovation, making Mat Pet Family grow strongly, becoming one of the brands that provide interesting The biggest scene at the moment.

Watch the full episode with the topic: Make money from words – When content is a stepping stone to start a business here: https://www.facebook.com/K14vn/videos.

1. Self-discovery, start a business when there is content as a stepping stone

Starting more than 5 years ago, with the thought that she just wanted to find a place to store memories with her dog, little owner Sao Mai has personally uploaded pictures and clips with pets on the video sharing platform. The most attractive at that time was YouTube. However, the series of clips of daily life between the owner and the puppy have suddenly received attention from many people, making Sao Mai’s YouTube channel increasingly developed. From there, she decided to build a pet-related brand and build Honey Pet Family on traditional platforms, attracting users at that time such as blog forums, facebook and YouTube.

Learn how to
Learn how to

Sao Mai has developed its own chain of stores from the traditional direction to building content following the 4.0 trend.

However, aware of the drastic change of users who are also potential customers later, Sao Mai has decided to redirect and create new content to match the flow of the 4.0 era. In order to have access to users, Mat Pet Family has increased creativity, produced content in a modern direction, unlimited content to upload short videos to TikTok – the most viral platform currently available. now. With Sao Mai, doing business in an era where social media develops continuously, e-commerce platforms operate strongly, we need to know what is the best destination and how to apply content building. use in the best way.

“Each profession has a different destination, but the common goal that needs to be reached is the approach to customer files, making customers spend money, opening a wallet is success!”, owner Mat Pet Family shared.

2. Learn how to develop content to achieve business goals

In addition to sharing about how to build content on their own to develop a large business base like today, Sao Mai and MC Thanh Dat also answered questions for young people who are starting to build a career when taking content as a step. cushion.

With the question “How to make a website to generate revenue”, sent from a friend who has his own YouTube channel with a relatively stable number of followers, who wants channel content that can drive people to purchase. , then build your own website. Sao Mai gave the following advice:

“Wanting to build a website as the final destination is a completely reasonable choice because your operation on social media platforms is still playing in other people’s home turf. It may be more or less risky, but activity on the website is my home ground”.

“How to optimize revenue? That is to make content, bring the final destination to your product. For example, your product is shampoo, often related to beauty, then you have to create content. The content is concise, not rambling, leading to the final destination of the product you want to sell. When you upload a video with a product, you add product information, a link to the website, then the viewer file, if you like it, will click on it, thereby converting it to a set of potential customers who are able to spend money”.

Learn how to
Learn how to

Sao Mai also gives many useful tips for those of you who decide to follow the path of creating creative content

From Sao Mai’s sharing, MC Thanh Dat also summarizes the experience for those of you who are starting a career with content.

“Creating a website is like a funnel to filter customers. The fact that you focus on the problem, create content, and message closely to the product will make people pay attention to that product. Accompanied by posting a video with a link to the product. website, make viewers click on the link, take you to the homepage that provides a lot of information, how to buy will help you in optimizing revenue, increasing the conversion rate from content viewers on social networks to people. use your own website”.

In addition, in her workshop, the owner Mat Pet Family also gave many useful tips on how to create content suitable for products, or develop unique content in thousands of creative content. create appearance on MXH. Follow the Startup Universe program to learn more about the advice of impressive faces working in the field of content creation and start preparing to start a business today!

Most especially, the first 100 people who register to attend the workshop as soon as possible will receive an E-voucher buy 1 get 5 free accompanying incentives, a super promotion for website design worth up to 𝟏𝟓.𝟎𝟎𝟎.𝟎𝟎𝟎 at: https://s.biz.vn/voucherwebsite.

https://kenh14.vn/hoc-hoi-cach-khoi-dung-content-xay-dung-nen-co-ngoi-10-trieu-follower-cua-co-chu-shop-thu-cung-dat- nut-vang-youtube-20220520202849317.chn

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