Lifebuoys on 3 bridges in Hanoi were temporarily seized

The entire number of swimming buoys was not stolen as the online community expected, but was temporarily seized by the company managing 3 bridges to work with a volunteer group.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Khanh – founder of the swimming discovery community – said that about 18-19 buoys hanging at 3 bridges Long Bien, Chuong Duong, Nhat Tan disappeared because it was not stolen like this. Community Network predicted, which has been temporarily recovered by Hanoi Traffic Construction Joint Stock Company.

It is known that on May 14, members of the Discovery Swimming community hung about 33 swimming buoys on 6 large bridges in Hanoi, including: Thang Long, Nhat Tan, Long Bien and Chuong bridges. Duong, Vinh Tuy, and Thanh Tri.

This action of the group is strongly encouraged by the online community for its good purpose. However, only 3 days after hanging, all the buoys on the 3 bridges disappeared, raising suspicions that these buoys were stolen.

Lifebuoys on 3 bridges in Hanoi were temporarily seized-1
A member of the volunteer group hangs a lifebuoy on the bridge.

Sharing with VietNamNet, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Khanh said that he has now contacted the unit that is seizing nearly 20 swimming buoys, which is also the company that manages 3 bridges Long Bien, Chuong Duong and Nhat Tan. The representative of this company invited Mr. Khanh to work on May 23 to discuss the next solution.

Previously, the founder of this group also shared that hanging 33 buoys on 6 bridges spanning the Red River in Hanoi was just a part of the group’s “Love Red River” volunteer project. Up to now, the group has hung 100 buoys on many bridges spanning the Red River in provinces such as Lao Cai and Yen Bai.

As expected, the group will hang about 300-400 buoys from Lao Cai to Thai Binh. In other localities, the government fully supports this practice, even wanting the group to hang buoys on other bridges that do not cross the Red River.

In addition to this activity, Khanh said, the group also organizes free swimming lessons and shares first aid knowledge. drowning in Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Hanoi, attracting about 600-700 participants.

“The purpose of hanging life jackets on the bridge is to support people who have suicidal thoughts and people standing on the bridge who want to jump down to save the victim. “People who commit suicide sometimes jump down because of their thoughts, but when they are struggling with the water, maybe they think again. At that time, life instinct may make them grab the lifebuoy to save themselves. As for those on the bridge, they can swim well, but the height of the bridge can make them not confident to jump off. If they had this life jacket, maybe they would be more confident to save a life, “- Mr. Khanh shared.

According to VietNamNet

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