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Lower Malaysia, Vietnam set an unprecedented record of the SEA Games

Despite playing 5 matches, goalkeeper Van Toan still has not had to pick up the ball, the latest is a 1-0 victory over Malaysia last night (May 19). As a result, U23 Vietnam became the first U23 team to keep a clean sheet until the final at a SEA Games.


Lower Malaysia, Vietnam set an unprecedented record of the SEA Games - 1

Van Toan still firmly defends his net

This may not be the full tournament with U23 Vietnam in terms of gameplay. Because of public goods, we still have many worries. The ability to stick between positions, the feeling of the ball of many players is still not good. The haste in finishing is also a problem.

But in terms of defense, Vietnam still has no opponent in Vietnam SEA Games 31. Because 5 matches have passed, almost every match the home team makes the opponent can only play half the field. Van Toan’s goal is not often threatened and if the opponent gets on the ball, he is also intercepted by the famous central defenders of U23 Vietnam.

All bring a white net achievement for U23 Vietnam. This is also the team of the first team level of Vietnam under coach Park Hang-seo not to concede a goal until the final. At the AFF Cup 2020, Mr. Park’s students also kept a clean sheet until the end of the group stage, but were conceded twice by Chanathip and stopped in the semi-finals.

Lower Malaysia, Vietnam set an unprecedented record of the SEA Games - 2

Malaysia does not have many opportunities in front of Vietnam’s goal (photo: Malaysian Football Federation)

Thus, U23 Vietnam was on a journey to re-establish the historic feat of coach Dinh The Nam’s teachers and students at the 2022 Southeast Asian U23 tournament in Cambodia in February. At that time, Quang Nho and his teammates won the championship without conceding a goal. which table. If counting official matches, for nearly a year now, U23 Vietnam has conceded exactly 1 goal (lost to Uzbekistan in the Dubai Cup).

Up to this point, it can be affirmed that Soccer Men at SEA Games 31 are really setting historic milestones. In addition to the feat of U23 Vietnam, Thien Truong Stadium also set and broke its own record when it became the most crowded neutral stadium in a SEA Games.

Indonesia vs Thailand yesterday (May 19), up to 33,000 spectators were recorded to cheer for two non-host teams. From the beginning of the tournament, the stands were always packed when Group B took place here.

SEA Games 31 is also the first time that the two semi-finals both ended with a score of 0-0 after 90 minutes (since 1981, when men’s football appeared in the semi-finals). Up to this moment, although it has not ended, it can be affirmed that this is a congress where men’s football is making a huge impression in many aspects.


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