Many countries have done, we are still ‘shock’?

Concerned that the value of the apartment will be reduced, while the apartment price will not decrease much if the “pink book” is applied for the apartment with a term of only 50-70 years… (Photo: Minh Thu)

The outline of the Law on Housing (amended) is being submitted by the Ministry of Construction for appraisal and consultation with the proposal of a limited-term ownership apartment plan according to the useful life of the work. Accordingly, the certificate issued to customers buying apartments will have a term of 50, 70 years instead of being owned and used for a long time as now.

This proposal is interested by many people, especially those interested in the apartment segment.

Mr. Tran Van Thao in Hoang Mai (Hanoi) said, how many years did the couple accumulate, and even borrow more banks to buy a cheap apartment. The buyer will have to return the house, where is it then, without any benefits, how can it be consistent with the State’s settlement and security policy?

“Owning an apartment for a definite term is no different from renting a house for a long time. If you live your entire life to the end of your children’s life, you will have no place to live. If the property is applied for a limited time, then at the end of the term, it is necessary to have a policy for people to not be helpless and have no place to live,” Thao said.

And Nguyen Thu Phuong from Thanh Xuan (Hanoi) said that living in high-rise apartments has become a trend for many people in big cities, and they have to bend their backs to buy apartments for a few tens of meters. to stay. Will house prices decrease if the apartment is granted a term of use? That pushes the price of land houses higher because that type of house is used permanently and for a long time.

Giving his opinion before the above proposal, sharing with PV Infonet, Mr. Pham Duc Toan, General Director of EZ Vietnam Real Estate Joint Stock Company said: In the short term, it is very difficult to do when it has to correct many regulations. including changes to the Land Law.

“Construction of an apartment building includes land use fees, construction fees and other expenses; The difference between land use fees and commercial and service land and residential land is not too much, so the investor will reduce the house price significantly, even none.

If the application of an apartment building with a fixed term will only affect people’s ownership, especially when mortgaging the apartment to borrow money to buy a house. The value of a long-term apartment will be different from that of a fixed-term apartment, which will affect the interests of homebuyers and reduce the value of the apartment,” said Toan.

According to Mr. Toan, condotels or officetels have already applied the deadline, if now issuing a limited-term book for owned houses, it is very difficult to implement and not feasible. Because there will be a conflict between commercial and service land and the same residential land, while collecting different land use fees.

If it is possible to issue a ‘pink book’ for apartments with a term of 50 or 70 years, it will initially be a ‘shock’ to the apartment market.

However, Mr. Toan said that in the long run, it will probably also need to be taken into account when there are many countries such as the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., all determine that the apartment is owned for 99 years or 70 years.

“The life of the project also has a time limit, it is also right to issue a pink book for an apartment with a term when the project’s useful life expires, it needs to be demolished and rebuilt. In fact, many old collectives who want to dam and rebuild are very difficult when they have to negotiate with each household to clear the ground.

Land can be owned for a long time, but shared buildings such as apartments must have a term of use. We only think about our own time, but we have not thought about the time when our children and grandchildren lived in slums, the buildings were degraded, no one would relocate, no one rebuilt when they moved, there was no budget… This greatly affects the quality of life and long-term planning,” added Mr. Toan.

As an investor to build many apartment projects, Mr. Vu Kim Giang, General Director of Hai Phat Real Estate Joint Stock Company, if applied for a limited time with apartments, it will affect the general market. The price of apartments with a term of ownership may not differ much from the price of a permanent apartment because the land tax between the two types of land does not differ too much. This will make it harder for businesses to sell.

“If applying the ownership of an apartment with a term of the first time, it will cause difficulties for the market participants; will affect from the psychology of home buyers, affecting the price of the market when it is necessary to change both consumer habits as well as the buyer’s psychology of products.

Therefore, it should be carefully considered in the areas, locations or types to apply appropriately, not all of them should be applied equally, “said Mr. Giang.

According to Minh Thu

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