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Many Japanese do not want to open tourism yet

Some Japanese people feel safer when there are few tourists around, especially Kyoto residents are satisfied with the peaceful atmosphere.

At the end of May, Japan will pilot international arrivals return. But this is not welcome news for a part of the Japanese people, according to CNBC.

In the survey conducted by the broadcaster NHK implemented, more than 65% of respondents still agree with the border control order, and believe that these measures need to be continued, or tightened. People also think that international visitors need to be tested for Covid-19 more and follow them Package tour. Others said, no matter how quarantine measures are applied, they still do not feel secure when the government agrees to open the door to welcome guests.

This reaction of the people is not strange. Last year, a survey by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper showed that more than 80% of Japanese people oppose hosting the 2020 Olympics amid the widespread spread of Covid-19.

Currently, the group that is most afraid of the decision to open the country is the elderly. One in three people is over the age of 65, making Japan the country with the highest proportion of elderly people in the world, according to a survey by PRB.

Shion Ichikawa, a risk management specialist at an internet corporation, said: “Elderly people often have a deeper prejudice than young people, that foreign guests are the source of Covid-19 infection.” The elderly are said to be “quite afraid of Covid” and do not go out much.

Gion district is quiet in the middle of Kyoto city in April 2020.  Photo: AP

Gion district is quiet in the middle of Kyoto city in April 2020. Image: AP

One of the other reasons why people are not satisfied with the decision to open the door is overcrowding. According to the Japan Tourism Organization, the country welcomed nearly 32 million international visitors in 2019. That is a sharp increase, when the number was only 6.8 million 10 years ago.

The rapid increase in visitors makes tourist hotspots such as Kyoto, struggling with overcrowding of tourists. People complain that it is difficult for them to catch buses near attractions in the city, foreign tourists do not know how to sort garbage…

Dai Miyamoto, founder of Japan Localized Travel, said that when Covid-19 hit, people no longer had to see noisy, impolite international guests. Some people feel safer when there are fewer tourists around. In particular, Kyoto residents can now say: “It’s quiet again”.

“A lot of people were quite upset about the tourist overload, and satisfied with the present when Kyoto returns to the peaceful atmosphere as it was 20 years ago – an ancient ancient capital,” said Lee Xian Jie, head of the development department. developed at Craft Tabby tour company, shared. But that tranquility will soon disappear when Japan reopens its borders.

Tourists walk near Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto in 2020. Photo: Kyodo

Tourists walking near Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto in 2020. Photo: Kyodo

Besides, spending by foreign visitors still contributes less than 5% of GDP. So many people think that it is not necessary to be too surprised or happy when the government opens the border.

Mr. Minh (According to CNBC)

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