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My wife entered the hotel with old love, hated to catch cheats, I was dumbfounded, and hugged her gratefully

A month ago, his wife showed off her new salary increase, and her income was one and a half times higher than before. I am very happy to have a good wife. So my wife’s income is already equal to mine, the couple earn money together, the family’s future, and their children will be secure in the future.

However, a week ago, I suddenly received a photo from a close friend, clearly capturing the scene of my wife and an elderly man entering the motel. That old man, I could only see his back, but from his hair and figure, I could tell that he must be 60 years old. My wife was smiling and happy in the afternoon.

Wife entered the hotel with old love, hated to catch cheating, I was dumbfounded and hugged her gratefully - 1

A lying and treacherous wife, I certainly will never hold back. (Illustration)

I absolutely hate it. The salary increase is just a lie! The extra income is more because she works part-time in bed with that old man. A lying and treacherous wife, I certainly will never hold back. But before submitting the divorce petition, I had to catch her in the act to have clear evidence, not for her to deny. The wife’s family also had to be silent and could not blame me.

I hired a motorbike taxi driver to track my wife’s movements. Three days after receiving the photo, I was informed again that my wife and an elderly man had just entered the motel together. I immediately called my biological mother, and my mother-in-law came to catch me at the battle.

When I got there, how could this motel belong to a friend of mine. So I easily get the room number from the front desk. Standing in front of the room door, I didn’t have time to knock when the door suddenly opened. His wife was neatly dressed with a bag in her hand and was about to leave. Why did it take less than 30 minutes to come back? Rushing into the room, looking at the man sitting on the chair, I was stunned, my mother was also dumbfounded. This person is my biological father.

The story was quickly explained clearly. Before, my father built a career empty-handed, also called a bit successful, and my mother was born from a rich family. But after 7 years of marriage, having given birth to me and a younger sister, my father went bankrupt. He became a criminal in the eyes of his wife’s family, a useless and incompetent man who had to return to live with his wife.

Unable to bear the pressure from his wife’s family, he left. My grandparents were bored with the bankruptcy of the husband-in-law, so they did not go looking for it. After a while, they divorced. Mom and we live with our grandparents, dad works in another place quite far away. Sometimes he came to visit his children, but his parents-in-law forbade him. He eventually didn’t come back, but he still sent us a monthly allowance until we finished college.

For many years now, the two of us have only contacted our father by phone, sometimes once a year. Unexpectedly, he returned without informing us. Wife explains: “That day, I met my tired father near the gate of my house. I recognized him in the picture you showed me, he absolutely refused to come in, nor let me tell you, I had to tell him to stay at home temporarily. Take a break, then calculate it slowly, but don’t let him go home right away. He’s embarrassed because he hasn’t visited his children in recent years…”.

Wife enters the hotel with old love, hates to catch cheats, I numbly hug her gratefully - 2

I hugged my wife and thanked her, because she was worried about her father-in-law these past few days. (Illustration)

At that time, I knew that my father had been living alone for the past few years, with no one by his side. This time, knowing that my husband and I had given birth to a child, he came back to look forward to seeing him. But the humiliating shame he had endured before because his wife’s family despised him was still imprinted in his mind. At the same time, after many years of separation, he thought that we were reproachful and were not close to him, so he was afraid to meet him.

I hugged my wife and thanked her, because she had worried about her father-in-law in the past few days, and secretly brought her children to see him to satisfy his nostalgia. Seeing him thin and blaming himself, I felt infinite pity. In fact, he really loved his wife and children, his family, but circumstances pushed us to this step.

Now that he is also old, I am determined to keep him alive with his children and grandchildren. Even if we don’t live together, he still has to stay close to us, go back and forth often so that I can pay filial piety to him.

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