NHM simultaneously apologized to Nguyen Tien Linh

Many fans simultaneously apologized to Tien Linh after this player scored a goal to help U23 Vietnam reach the final of the 31st SEA Games.

Entering the match against U23 Malaysia, U23 Vietnam made many spectators worried by their scoring performance (6 goals in 4 group stage matches). In particular, striker Nguyen Tien Linh was criticized by the NHM with many regrettable misses.

In the official 90 minutes of the semi-final, Tien Linh once again became the subject of debate of experts when U23 Vietnam did not have a goal. However, it was the striker born in 1997 that created the turning point of the match.

111 minutes, receiving the ball from Hung Dung, Nguyen Tien Linh head to the net of Malaysia. After a moment more precious than gold, the number 1 striker in Vietnam took off his shirt to celebrate and shouted loudly to relieve the pressure.

On social networks, many fans passed on a short text with the title: “Apologize to Tien Linh”.

Many spectators congratulated Tien Linh and the whole team on the victory. At the same time, U23 Vietnam also received many wishes to win SEA Games 31 from NHM.

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Tien Linh celebrates emotionally when scoring a goal to help U23 Vietnam reach the final of the 31st SEA Games (Photo: VFF)

Sharing at the press conference after the match, the head coach of Malaysia U23 confirmed that U23 Vietnam is the strongest team in this Congress: “Vietnam U23 deserved to win today. As for the atmosphere at Viet Tri Stadium, the fans here are amazing. The enthusiasm in the stands makes my players play more excited.”

U23 Vietnam will face U23 Thailand in the final sea ​​Games 31. Our opponent has just defeated U23 Indonesia with a score of 1-0 on Thien Truong Stadium.

Thus, Coach Park Hang Seo will have the opportunity to compete again with Mr. Mano Polking. Previously, in the AFF Cup 2021, Vietnam Tel lost to Thailand in the semi-finals.

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