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North Korea announces ‘positive’ results against Covid-19

According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), their country recorded an additional 263,370 cases of fever and 2 deaths, bringing the total number of fever cases and deaths to 2.24 million and 65 cases respectively as of the evening of 19. -5.

KCNA did not say how many of these were positive for Covid-19. Despite an increase in the number of people showing symptoms of fever, farming continues, factories are still operating and a national funeral for a deceased general is still planned.

“Even in the state of maximum emergency epidemic prevention and control, normal production activities are maintained in key industries and large-scale construction projects continue” – KCNA At the same time, the fight against the epidemic in North Korea is achieving good results.

North Korea announced 'positive' results against the Covid-19 epidemic - Photo 1.

As of the evening of May 19, North Korea has recorded more than 2.2 million fever cases. Photo: Reuters

Amid a rapid increase in fever cases, the United Nations human rights agency has warned of dire consequences for North Korea, which has been described as lacking medical resources and vaccines. Reuters.

Meanwhile, World Health Organization (WHO) officials are concerned that a wave of infections that is not well controlled could create new, more dangerous variants.

North Korea on May 18 announced that the epidemic situation in this country was turning in a favorable direction. However, South Korean officials insist they cannot draw conclusions because it is not clear how North Korea calculates the number of fever cases and Covid-19 infections.

South Korea and the United States have offered to help North Korea fight the epidemic, but the country has not yet responded, South Korea’s Deputy National Security Adviser Kim Tae-hyo said on May 18.

North Korea announced

South Korea’s Deputy National Security Advisor Kim Tae-hyo. Photo: Yonhap

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