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Pentagon admits to “mysterious flying objects” in a rare meeting on UFO-Information Technology

In the first meeting on UFOs (unidentified flying objects) in 50 years, authorities at the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) admitted that UFO sightings occurred “regularly and continuously”. “. What other information do they give about this topic, which has very little accurate information?

During a session of the US Congress on the subject of UFOs – this is the first meeting on the subject in 50 years, two videos were shown, including unidentified and unidentified flying objects. explain. In addition, more than 400 reports of UFO sightings by the US military are also being investigated.

A US Navy officer asserts that UFO sightings have been fairly common since the 2000s. Some intelligence officials also admit that UFO sightings are not “sporadic” occurrences. out, but rather “regularly and continuously”.

Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray also said that the more than 140 UFO sightings since 2004 are inexplicable, nor are they illusions caused by lighting or problems with sensors. “It’s clear that many times, the observables are physical objects, based on the data that we have,” said Mr. Bray.

Pentagon admits to

Mr. Bray spoke of a video showing the unidentified flying object. Photo: AP.

In the videos shown at the meeting, there were blue triangles hovering above one US warship, and the same thing happened in the other video. All of this has no clear explanation.

Mr. Ronald S. Moultrie, an intelligence official, said that there have been 11 times, US military aircraft flew past and nearly collided with unidentified flying objects, but so far there have been no collisions. Mr. Bray said the US side did not attempt to contact or launch any weapons at those objects.

Pentagon admits to

Image of two triangular objects flying across the cockpit of an aircraft. Photo: Office of Naval Intelligence.

A member of the US Congress said at the opening of the meeting, that we need to be more “open” in recognizing such UFO sightings, because “UFOs are inexplicable, they are, But they’re real.”

The Pentagon says UFOs may be related to “alien life”, and that the purpose of the US Department of Defense is “to find out what there may be out there”, not is to “cover up” anything.

Pentagon admits to

The image of a spherical object was taken from the cockpit of a US Navy aircraft. Photo: Office of Naval Intelligence.

So, there seems to be more and more information pointing towards the possibility of other civilizations out there somewhere. Perhaps part of that is why the Multiverse theory is also being talked about more and more. However, to get a clear confirmation, we will have to wait a long time.


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