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Rarely, escape the trap because the handwriting is too bad

On the afternoon of May 20, the police of Ea Nuol commune (Buon Don district, Dak Lak province) confirmed that a local couple was asked by a group of scammers to transfer them 160 million VND via their account. However, due to bad handwriting and unclear handwriting by the submitter, the bank staff mistyped the “Last name” of the beneficiary. So the money hangs on the system…

The above couple is Mrs. TTV and Mr. LVH from Ko Dung A village (Ea Nuol commune). At about 8:00 a.m. on May 18, Ms. V received a call from a strange phone number claiming to be a police officer and asked Ms. V if she had opened a bank account in Hanoi in 2002 and announced that someone was overseas. sent several hundred billion into her account, but it was all dispersed. And yet, the subject claiming to be this police officer also said that there were 32 other people in Buon Don district like Ms. V., so they asked to cooperate in checking information and protecting her property.

Rarely, escape the trap because the handwriting is too bad - Photo 1.

Ms. TTV presented the incident to the police agency. Photo: Ea Nuôl Commune Police

Next, the subject above connected Ms. V. to talk to another man who also claimed to be “the head of the police who solved the case” and advised Mrs. V to cooperate, and then threatened her. “If the family does not cooperate, criminals can threaten the family and come to commit crimes in the whole family.” Before turning off the phone, this person informed that a bank inspector would call back.

As the scenario, a few minutes later, a woman called Mrs. V. claiming to be a bank inspector, forcing her to send money urgently to some accounts to check if it was related to drug crimes or not. .

Terrified and scared, Mrs. V and her husband went to a bank to withdraw 160 million dong from their savings and then transferred the entire amount to the accounts provided by the subjects. After that, Mrs. V. and her husband told their relatives about the incident and were advised to report to the commune police because they had been scammed.

After receiving the information, Ea Nuol Commune Police set up a file, went with Ms. V. to the bank to check the transaction, and discovered that, when writing the payment note, because of bad handwriting, Ms. V wrote her name unknown. of recipients. The bank employee mistyped the “last name” of the beneficiary, so the money was still suspended and could not be sent to the fraudster’s account number. After that, Ms. V. received the full amount of 160 million dong that was almost scammed.

Mrs. V. said: “I don’t understand why I was so confused, it was like being hypnotized. They called me constantly, making me very tired.”

Through the above incident, Ea Nuol Commune Police also recommended that people should be alert and not be gullible, trusting strangers calling themselves police officers, officers… to ask for money to be transferred to their accounts. Faced with such a situation, people need to share with their relatives, knowledgeable people and report it to the police.

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