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Revealing photos Khanh has a new person after divorcing Germany?

Love the sunny day: Revealing a photo of Khanh (Lan Phuong) with another man

The developments of Love the sunny day Part 2 is still attracting the attention of netizens. In the latest episode, Duc announced that he wanted to divorce Khanh. Although she had thought about breaking up before, but Khanh was still shocked when her husband said these words.

Khanh loves you. She does not want Sam – So to suffer the tragedy of a broken family. However, based on current developments, the breakup of Khanh – Duc is very likely to happen. Germany’s determined attitude made fans almost give up hope in their marriage.

Recently, netizens also shared a picture of Khanh with another man. Looks like this is really Lan Phuong’s image in Love the sunny day.

Loving the sunny day back: Revealing Khanh's photo has a new person after divorcing Germany?  - Photo 2.

Lan Phuong and a strange man.

Will Khanh really have a new person after the divorce? Or will this be a certain man pursuing her next time?

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  • Family
  • 45 mins
  • 11/15/2021
  • 21:40 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – VTV3

“Love the sunny day” is a story with a long time amplitude, connecting from the past to the present. The film revolves around Mrs. Nga’s family and her three daughters, Van Khanh, Van Trang and Van Van – women and mothers of different generations. The girl of the past becomes the mother of today, the mother of the past becomes the grandmother now… There are times when women of different generations are in conflict, opposite, and arguing. But in the end, they always met at one point: the love, the need to protect, the desire to give the family what is complete and best.

Director: Bui Tien Huy, Vu Truong Khoa

Actor: People’s Artists Thanh Quy, Lan Phuong, Hong Dang, Huyen Lizzie, Ngoc Huyen, Dinh Tu

Watch Thuong on a sunny day, part 2, continue to air on VTV3 every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening for answers.

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