Revealing the great technology in Tien Linh’s ‘bra’

When taking off his shirt to celebrate the goal in the 31st SEA Games men’s football semi-final, Tien Linh revealed a black shirt underneath. This image became a curious topic and was widely discussed on social networks.

The shirt looks like a women’s sports bra, but what the striker U23 Vietnam Wearing on the body is not just an ordinary bra. It’s a high-tech device specifically designed for athletes.

Inside this “bra” are attached electronic sensors that record the wearer’s movement parameters. This data is transferred to the server by a wireless connection system, constantly updated so that the coaches can monitor the player’s condition at any time through the computer screen or handheld device. hand.

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Tien Linh’s “bra” is a high-tech device.

Normally, “bras” like Tien Linh’s are not retail products, but just a type of device in a system that includes software for storing, analyzing and presenting data. It’s called Performance Tracking System (EPTS).

On e-commerce platforms, products related to the keyword “GPS vest” are sold a lot for about 1 million VND. However, in reality, those are used shirts with all sensors removed.

Since 2017, the World Football Federation (FIFA) has issued a set of standards for EPTS equipment used in football training and competition. These are standards and regulations to ensure that players can still wear sensor shirts inside their jerseys without affecting their own or their opponents’ play.

The EPTS system is very useful in assessing the fitness of players, helping coaches make appropriate personnel decisions. In a tournament as dense as the 31st SEA Games men’s football, this has a very important influence. Since a few years ago, the Federation Vietnamese football equipped the national team with EPTS equipment used in training and competition.

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