So delicious, zero words to describe

The #ZeroWords campaign inspires and challenges GenZ customers to express the taste of Sugar-Free Coca-Cola on social platforms without words or words, using only the collection instead animations (GIFs) and special stickers.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar launches ZeroWords campaign: So delicious, zero words to describe - 1

At the beginning of the campaign, many global content creators participated in describing the delicious taste of Coca-Cola Zero™ without using any words, through a series of videos posted on websites. their social network.

In Vietnam, Coca-Cola also cooperates with many content creators. With their talents, they will provide a different way of expressing emotions when enjoying the delicious taste of Coca-Cola Zero™. Thereby, the brand hopes that more people will know the excellent taste of this sugar-free drink.

Coca-Cola® also released a vibrant sticker collection that showcases Coca-Cola Zero™’s indescribable fizzy flavor. Trials of Coca-Cola Sugar Free will also be given away for free to consumers in promotions and social game challenges organized by the brand.

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