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Strange similarities between the women’s team and U.23 Vietnam

Team Soccer Women and U.23 Vietnam entered the final with interesting similarities.

Team Vietnamese women’s football It only took 90 minutes to beat Myanmar in the semi-finals, while U.23 Vietnam needed 120 minutes to eliminate the Malaysian opponent. Of course, U.23 Vietnam will lose more strength because of the long and tense match, until the second extra time Tien Linh scored the goal to bring Park Hang-seo’s army to the final.

Huynh Nhu scored from a fight for the Vietnamese women’s team

Ngoc Duong

Tien Linh headed home U.23 Vietnam


However, there is an interesting coincidence that the goals of the women’s team and U.23 Vietnam are exactly the same. From Tuyet Dung’s free-kick situation, “female general” Huynh Nhu flew in to score the only goal of the match.

In the U.23 Vietnam team, the same goal happened. From Hung Dung’s direct free kick, Tien Linh bounced off the top to help Vietnam beat Malaysia U.23 with the minimum score. Another special feature is that the two goalscorers for women and men both wear the number 9 shirt.

Hung Dung direct free kick to assist Tien Linh


Tuyet Dung assists Huynh Nhu with a free kick

Ngoc Duong

In the final match, the opponent of the teacher and coach Mai Duc Chung and U.23 Vietnam are from Thailand.

From this coincidence, fans are waiting for another interesting coincidence that is that the army of coach Mai Duc Chung and coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students have the same victory in the final, so that both teams can win. successfully defend the football championship SEA Games 31.

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