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Stunned with the surgery to remove “a basket” of kidney stones

“We removed 206 soil kidney for a 56-year-old patient by minimally invasive surgery (keyhole surgery),” confirmed Dr. Veeramalla Ramalakshmaiah of Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital.

The “basket” of kidney stones is only given when the patient has severe pain in the left side of the stomach for 6 months. The condition is so severe that the patient is unable to carry out daily activities and worsens as summer approaches and the temperature rises.

“The surgery took over an hour and as a result we removed 206 stones in the patient’s left kidney,” said Dr. Poola Naveen Kumar, Senior Consultant Urologist at Aware Global Hospital Gleneagles, said – “The patient is now recovering from surgery and is expected to be discharged early next week (May 23)”.

Horror: Surgery to remove

In all, there were 206 stones in the left kidney of a 56-year-old patient in India. Photo: Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital

Explaining why the pain gets worse during the summer, Dr Kumar said: “Hot, hot weather increases the pain of kidney stones because the body produces a lot of sweat, causing loss of kidney function. more water. Therefore, the kidneys also have to work harder to retain water, causing the pain to increase.”

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body. It plays an important role in filtering the blood and eliminating toxins, and maintaining a person’s blood pressure.

It is estimated that about 10% of people in the world need kidney stone surgery once in their life.

“Globally, cases of kidney stones are more common in summer than in winter,” Dr.

The record for the number of stones in a person’s kidney is 172,155. This is the number of stones taken from a man’s left kidney in the state of Maharashtra – India in 2010.

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