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The abdomen is full of incisions, the kidneys are damaged because of subjectivity, the doctor just needs to do it right away to keep the two kidneys

TS.BS.Nguyen Dinh Lien

It hurts when I sometimes have to go to the hospital to make an incision in the abdomen to remove a stone

Currently, although there are no specific statistics on the percentage of people with urinary tract stones in Vietnam, but through actual examination and treatment, Dr. BS Nguyen Dinh Lien – Head of the Department of Urology and Men’s Surgery (Hospital E), reported that up to 50% of patients in the surgical department are related to urinary tract stones.

It is worth mentioning that there are many cases because going to the doctor late causes the kidneys to crumble, even lose their function, to have to be removed. Specifically, in 2021, there were 3 cases where one kidney had to be removed to preserve the other side. In addition, the number of cases of stones with large weight is immeasurable.

Doctor Lien took the example of a man nearly 50 years old, hospitalized in an emergency due to high fever, cloudy urine and pain in the left abdomen. The patient was diagnosed with pyelonephritis due to coral stones on both sides of the kidney. It is worth mentioning that although the patient knew that he had kidney stones for a long time, but did not go for treatment, this caused the left kidney to be dilated, causing complete loss of function and had to be removed.

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Image of coral stones in the patient’s kidney being surgically removed from the body. Photo: Le Phuong.

Another case is a female patient who is more than 40 years old. This is a very impressive case for Dr. Lien when the patient’s abdomen was full of open incisions but could not be treated completely.

The patient said that, even though he knew he had kidney stones and had undergone open surgery in some places, the doctors also searched very carefully and picked up all the kidney stones, but after a while the stones continued to “grow back”. and had to have surgery.

“When examining the patient’s abdomen, there were incisions, it was true that there were real kidney stones, but we chose the option of laparoscopic percutaneous lithotripsy for the patient. After surgery, we take the stones and send them for analysis to know the structure of the stones, from which we can advise on the right diet to avoid recurrence in the future, “said Doctor Lien.

With the above female patient, the analysis results show that the cause of the appearance of stones despite having many operations is due to genetic and genetic factors. Once the cause was identified, the doctors advised the patient on treatment, regular check-ups and scientific eating. At the same time, the doctor advised the patient’s family members to see a doctor, because kidney stones in this case are caused by genetic factors.

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Many people have lost kidney function, have to be removed because they subjectively do not go to the doctor and get early treatment. Photo: Le Phuong.

Please protect the “filter” in the body from the smallest things

Lien said that the reason why kidney-urinary diseases tend to increase is because people go to the doctor early, many cases are detected early and treated completely, leaving no sequelae. long-term symptoms.

According to Dr. Lien, there are many causes of kidney stones such as urinary tract abnormalities, calcium metabolism disorders, genetic factors, metabolic problems, hot working environment, etc. lazy to drink water, exercise…

People who eat too many foods containing oxalate and calcium are also at high risk of forming kidney stones and urinary stones. In fact, there are some cases where taking too much calcium without a doctor’s prescription leads to the formation of kidney stones. Or some areas lack clean water, using hard water (water containing high mineral content, mainly calcium and magnesium ions) will have a high risk of stone formation.

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Horror stones as big as goose eggs are removed from the patient’s bladder. Photo: Le Phuong.

“In principle, the kidney is like a water purification plant in the body, if this water plant contains too much residue, it cannot be filtered and eliminated, it will cause sedimentation, gradually forming stones. “, Doctor Lien analyzed.

From the above analysis, Dr. Lien recommends that in order to protect the two kidneys well, you must first change your daily lifestyle by avoiding foods that are toxic to the kidneys such as: foods with chemical residues, containing substances that are toxic to the kidneys. Preservatives are not allowed, avoid eating too much meat, drink lots of water and reduce salt intake.

In addition, it is necessary to limit other risk factors by creating a cool working environment, being physically active, people with genetic factors such as parents, siblings, etc. go for regular check-ups.

“Usually kidney stones will have a typical symptom of pain in the hips and back. When the stone moves down the ureter, it will cause renal colic: sudden pain that radiates to the back and spreads to the hip area. When the stone enters the ureter, it will lead to frequent urination, which is very uncomfortable. When you see the above signs, it is necessary to quickly go to a medical facility specializing in Nephrology – Urology for examination, “said Doctor Lien.

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