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The current life of “Luong Son Ba” Ha Nhuan Dong with his wife is 8 years younger than her

The first role left a deep impression on the audience of Ha Nhuan Dong It is the scholar Luong Son Ba and this is also the character that has brought him the popularity and fame that he is today.

The current life of

Luong Son Ba is the role that brought Ha Nhuan Dong to Asian audiences.

Having pursued an elegant and stylish style, over the years, Ha Nhuan Dong is a popular candidate for the role of a mature man. However, now fans can’t help but regret when the actor no longer appears on the small screen but gradually withdraws from the entertainment industry, returning to take care of family life with his wife.

Recently Ha Nhuan Dong had a long trip with his wife. The actor shared everyday moments on his personal page, receiving the attention of many viewers.

The current life of

Ha Nhuan Dong took his wife on a beach trip.

According to Sohu, after the marriage, the actor gradually limited his acting. He spends time with his wife, enjoying life with her. Married since 2016, the couple longs to have children but so far there is no good news. Ha Nhuan Dong said that the couple was always looking forward to new members, but let everything happen.

“The time spent on my career is more than enough. I want to spend the rest of my life with my loved ones more. It would be great if my wife and I had children. Everyone around is urging, but everything is still there. must follow the will of heaven”, Ha Nhuan Dong shared.

Ha Nhuan Dong’s wife is named Peggy, 8 years younger than him. The two used to love each other for 8 years before deciding to get married. In media meetings, Ha Nhuan Dong limited mentioning his wife because he did not want her to be noticed and under the scrutiny of the public.

It is known that the married life of the couple Ha Nhuan Dong is very sweet even though they have no children together. Due to the nature of work, the couple often have to live apart, but they still maintain and warm up the relationship by phone calls.

The current life of

Ha Nhuan Dong and her husband are living a happy life even though they have no children together.

Ha Nhuan Dong was born in 1975, is one of the famous actors of Taiwan (China) in the early 2000s. Not only loved by the audience for her acting ability and handsome appearance, Ha Nhuan Dong also loved by many people because of his clean, low-profile private life.

Currently, at the age of 47, Ha Nhuan Dong is still an ageless male god of the Chinese entertainment industry with a beauty that never gets old and a muscular body, “the top of the top”.

In addition to working in the art world, this actor also achieved a lot of success when he tried his hand at business. The life of Ha Nhuan Dong and his wife is rich because he is expensive in advertising shows and movies and his wife is in the fashion business. Both accumulate some real estate and rent out. Thanks to that, they can comfortably enjoy life without the pressure of making money.

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