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‘The little boy’ is constantly ‘disobeying orders’, caused by the disease millions of Vietnamese people are suffering from

Newly married, still in the honeymoon period, but recently “little boy” constantly “disobeys orders”, “above told, below does not listen”, sperm is almost “missing” after each “finish” …

That is the situation of Mr. LVT (27 years old, Hanoi). Just been married for 6 months, still in the honeymoon period, but for more than 1 month recently, the ‘little boy’ has been constantly in a state of disobedience, “above told, below did not listen”.

Although he struggled to get to the top, the results made this man even more confused than many times. That is, he saw an unusually low amount of sperm, even once almost “missing”.

This man said, although the couple’s love is still completely salty, it is not “the rice is not good, the soup is not sweet” that makes the “little boy” so weak. Because T’s wife is a pretty girl, 25 years old, studying in the same university as T. The couple have known and loved each other since the 3rd year of university. When she was not married, T. was a girl who was pursued by many boys. It took a lot of time and effort for T. to win the heart of the beauty.

'Little boy' constantly 'disobeys orders', the young man is stunned when he knows the reason
MSc Nguyen Van Duc – Saint Paul General Hospital examines patients

The student love lasts until graduation, employment, stable income and marriage in the maturity of both. Before deciding to get married, T. also bought a small apartment.

“Mentally comfortable, physically so full, but for some reason I have recently been unable to get an erection every time I fall in love. My wife was also very psychological at first, she bought a variety of foods to bring home … to nourish. Even bought a stomach goat to soak in the wine to urge me to drink every day.

However, the situation still did not improve. She was angry and annoyed. Once, she even said to me: Or are you full of sticky rice, bored of tea outside?”, T. sadly recounted.

Despite explaining many times, trying many times, but the more obsessed today has to make his wife really satisfied, the situation “above told, below don’t listen” happens again. No matter how hard you try, it’s just like a wilted banana.

“She hinted and then showed her suspicions. The couple’s relationship became more and more strained when the families of both sides urged to have children. I had to use the excuse of frequent business trips to… hide from my wife,” said Mr. T.

Putting aside the “complexes” of men, he went to the hospital to seek help from doctors. MSc Nguyen Van Duc – Saint Paul General Hospital said that he had received many patients who came to the hospital for examination with symptoms like Mr. LVT.

The cause of this patient’s decline in sexual health was due to diabetes. Meanwhile, to determine whether they have diabetes or not, each person can do it by themselves.

MSc.BS. Nguyen Van Duc, checking his blood sugar is a very simple measure, but many Vietnamese people nowadays do not have the habit of doing it.

“You just need to go to any pharmacy, with the cost of about 10 or 15 thousand, you can quickly test your blood sugar. Many men have erectile dysfunction but do not know that diabetes is the cause, making men 3.5 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction than men without the disease, “said Dr.

'Little boy' constantly 'disobeys orders', the young man is stunned when he knows the reason
Many men suddenly become physiologically weak, the cause is unexpected but it is easy to check

Back to the case of patient T. Dr. Duc said, this man is very young, only 27 years old, loves his wife but can’t get an erection every time he has sex because the patient’s blood sugar is very high. This damages nerves and narrows blood vessels in the penis. Therefore, the amount of blood is not pumped enough to make an erection every time you have sex.

Through this case, Dr. Duc recommends that men with erectile dysfunction due to diabetes need to make lifestyle changes such as: reduce fat and cholesterol intake, exercise, lose weight, quit smoking and alcohol. and regularly self-check blood sugar to monitor health.

If the condition does not improve, you need to see an endocrinologist, orrologist for treatment.

For diabetic men with low testosterone levels, a doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to treat erectile dysfunction.

However, testosterone therapy can cause testicular failure and should always be carefully considered by a doctor and monitored closely.

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