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The reasons you should use scented candles for your home

Every employer’s senses must be satisfied when returning home after stressful working hours. Scenting your home so that it is truly a cozy and relaxing place is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many families.

In addition to using essential oils, burning scented candles is also a way to help the space of the house get a more comfortable signature scent. Here’s why you should use scented candles for your home.

It is a decorative item to make the house more sparkling and cozy

Candles are a decorative item that brings a very high aesthetic effect, which is so familiar to every family, making the house shimmering and warm. In winter, lighting a glass of scented candles also helps dispel the feeling of cold, dampness.

The scent of candles creates a pleasant space, the room becomes warmer on cold winter days.

Create a relaxing, comfortable space

In recent years, scented candles are more popular than ever because of their use not only for decoration, but also for creating a unique fragrance, giving the space an abundant energy source. Scented candles have gentle scents that help us relax and feel more comfortable.

In addition, scented candles are also known as a medicine to relieve pressure, stress and fatigue. The light and gentle scent of scented candles will bring comfort and relieve stress in people. At the same time, the scent of scented candles also helps us focus, be more productive and work more efficiently.

An item used for therapy

According to research by scientists, scented candles have many useful uses for humans. It has the effect of cleaning the air, helping the space to be more fragrant, dispelling unpleasant odors.

In addition, aromatherapy is also very popular. It works to help relieve pain, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, help the spirit to be refreshed and dispel fatigue.

For those who often suffer from insomnia, burning a scented candle will help you regain your spirit and stabilize your mood. The scent of candles dispels unpleasant odors is also a way to improve sleep, making it easier for us to fall asleep and sleep better.

Effective in terms of Feng Shui

According to ancient beliefs, the fire in the house always symbolizes warmth and prosperity. The fire is warmth, figuratively “keeping the fire” for the house to be happier, harmonious, peaceful and better in life. It also brings bright, positive energy to the space.

The feng shui symbol of the Fire element is considered to bring warmth and prosperity to people’s lives. Therefore, the owner of the house often uses scented candles to decorate with the desire for a prosperous life, abundant health, luck and fullness, warmth to the family.

Scented candles also come in a variety of scents, with many options to suit each person’s personality and preferences. From the scent of lemongrass, lemon, cool mint, woody, warm herbs, rustic or rose, jasmine, lavender sweet and relaxing. Each scent not only brings different feelings of relaxation but also characterizes each person’s personality.

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