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The referee caught the match U.23 Thailand and U.23 Indonesia ‘flying color’ on social networks

Account Instagram of the referee at the U.23 match Indonesia lost to Thailand U.23 0-1 in the men’s soccer semi-final SEA Games 31 ‘disappeared’ due to criticism from netizens.

Referee Yahya Ali Almulla controls match U.23 Indonesia and U.23 Thailand drew attention on social network after drawing 4 red cards. Account Instagram of the UAE referee was Indonesian netizens attack fierce and now cannot be found, according to the newspaper Suara.

Referee Yahya Ali Almulla (centre) was attacked by Indonesian netizens


In this match, the only goal of Thailand U.23 was scored by Weerathep Pomphan in the first extra time, helping coach Alexandre Polking’s team to meet in the final. Host U.23 Vietnam on May 22.

This confrontation caused a stir in public opinion because the referee was said to have made some unfair decisions, especially for the Indonesian U.23 team. The culmination of Indonesian public anger against the UAE referee was the decision to issue a red card to Ricky Kambuaya, Firza Andika and Rahmat Irianto at the end of the second extra time. Meanwhile, a Thai U.23 player. Lan must receive a red card is William Gabriel Widersjoe.

Account Instagram of referee Yahya Ali Almulla disappeared after being attacked by Indonesian netizens


After the match, the account Instagram of referee Yahya Ali Almulla went viral among Indonesian netizens. Not long after, the account of this “black king” was immediately attacked by Indonesian netizens. They poured their anger into the comment column of the account Instagram of the referee from West Asia, leading to the account quickly disappearing.

The clash between players of both teams at the end of the second extra time resulted in a rain of cards


Also after the semi-final defeat on May 19, Indonesian netizens also attacked the Thai U.23 team’s social media account. They likened Thailand’s players to “playing kings” with some tricky falls, leading to a rain of cards.

With this loss, the Indonesian U.23 team still has a chance to win a bronze medal if they beat Malaysia U.23 (lost to U.23 Vietnam 0-1 in the remaining semi-final) in the 3rd place match on May 22.

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