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The secret to growing a bountiful melon on the terrace of the architect 9x

Currently, the trend grow melons on the terrace is welcomed by many families. Because cantaloupe is a delicious and nutritious fruit, but the price is high, not everyone can enjoy it regularly.

Therefore, the young man Nguyen Duc Tri (born in 1994, Ho Chi Minh City) decided to take advantage of the terrace area for gardening grow melonshelping the whole family have a source of clean fruit to enjoy comfortably without worrying about costs.

Before that, the 9x guy participated in many groups specializing in grow melons to learn more planting experience and boldly invest more methodically, so I have reaped the desired results.

The secret to growing a bountiful melon on the terrace of the 9x architect - Photo 1.

Planting melons follow… trend but Duc Tri’s hand is tired

On the 50m2-wide terrace, the architect boy spends a part of the area to grow melons. The rest is arranged as a garden to grow green vegetables…to serve daily meals.

Experience grow melons on the rooftop

Soak the seeds

– First, you need to find a healthy melon variety, F1 seeds to give the plant the best quality.

– Soak seeds with warm water 2 boiling 3 cold for 2 hours, then incubate in a damp towel for 24 hours.

– After 24 hours, the seeds have cracked, so they are sown in coconut fiber tablets, or potting medium. Leave it in the shade for 2 days and then bring it out in the sun (remember to keep it moist for the seeds to germinate).

Way grow melons

– When the plant reaches 2 true leaves (about 10-12 days), then plant it in a large pot.

– In the period of 10-12 days when the trees are big, people start to work the soil, mix compost to cool the soil medium before putting the seedlings into planting. Avoid root damage and seedling death.

– Mixing media: 40% clean soil, 20% charred coconut fiber, 20% chicken manure, 20% bat manure, earthworm + tricoderma mushroom, chicken eggshell powder, neem leaf powder (mix, moisten and incubate) soil while waiting for the seedlings to grow).

– The distance between trees is 40 cm, rows are 1m apart.

– When the plant has about 5-7 real leaves, start wrapping the rope for the vines to avoid falling.

The secret to growing a bountiful melon on the terrace of the 9x architect - Photo 2.

Experience grow melons On the terrace: The most important thing is the growing medium

Pollination stage

– About 30 days after sowing, the plant begins to produce female flowers for pollination (depending on the variety and weather, there will be a few days difference).

– Take the stamens of 2, 3 male flowers and rotate them on the pistil of the female flower to pollinate at 8-10 o’clock to achieve the best pollination quality.

– After 7 days, we select large, round fruit without deformation. Encourage 1 tree 1 fruit for the best fruit quality.

– Fruits are ripe and harvested about 40 – 55 days after pollination, depending on the variety.

– Before harvesting, we reduce watering for the last 5 days to make the fruit sweeter.

The secret to growing a bountiful melon on the terrace of the 9x architect - Photo 3.

Experience grow melons on the terrace: Duc Tri carefully wraps the melons in plastic bags, protecting them until they are harvested.


– In the period 10-25 days after sowing, we spray diluted fish protein twice a week in the early morning or cool afternoon and then stop to develop lush foliage.

– 25 – 30 days watering eggshell powder combined with egg custard powder so that the flowering plants are bubbly and the pollen quality is good. Can combine spraying calcium bo 1 or 2 times before the female flowers bloom.

– The golden period of fruit size development is from after pollination to 20 days later. At this stage, you need to add a lot of protein, combine with fertilizers with calcium content to support the fruit to grow evenly without cracking (Mr. Tri fertilizes fish protein, soybeans and milk eggs twice a week, combined with eggshell powder. chicken)

The secret to growing a bountiful melon on the terrace of the 9x architect - Photo 4.

Experience growing cantaloupe on the terrace: The whole family enjoys eating fruit thanks to the “aerial” garden.

– From 20 to 40 days, it is recommended to add fertilizers with potassium content such as banana juice, seaweed to sweeten the melon (seaweed after 35 days). Avoid adding potassium too early, the fruit will ripen prematurely and the fruit size will not be large.

– Stop fertilizing 7-10 days before collection.

How to prevent and treat disease

Cantaloupe is a plant that is very susceptible to diseases such as powdery mildew, downy mildew and green wilt. Besides, thrips and red spiders also love melons. So everyone needs regular prevention.

The secret to growing a bountiful melon on the terrace of the 9x architect - Photo 5.

Experience growing cantaloupe on the terrace: The 9x guy especially loves the cantaloupe tree because it is the most difficult plant to grow among the terrace plants.

– Should be sprayed at the 5-leaf stage, before pollination, after fruit selection

– Spray microorganisms once a week to prevent fungal diseases

– Watering the root microorganism once a week to protect the roots

– Squeeze the old leaves at the base, let the plant air

– It is necessary to monitor and observe the tree regularly to detect pests and diseases early, and promptly prevent and treat them for the best health.

(Photo in the article by NVCC)

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