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The US activated the “wartime act” to respond to the milk powder crisis

Besides inflation or high fuel prices, supply shortages baby milk powder is the next difficulty for many US consumers. The White House has just officially stepped in with the move to activate the “wartime act” to boost supply.

Accordingly, on May 18, US President Joe Biden officially signed the re-use of the Defense Production Act towards the powdered milk production sector. Having existed for the past seven decades, this law aims to centralize US manufacturing activities to respond to emergencies such as wars and epidemics.

US President Joe Biden said: “Many parents across the United States are struggling to find formula milk for their children. As a father, a grandfather, I understand this worry. Today, I was activated the Defense Production Act, allowing powdered formula manufacturers to source sufficient ingredients to create quality and safe products for children.”

The US activated the

America is facing a shortage of milk powder. (Source: Reuters)

The last time the law was activated was to promote the production of medical supplies and vaccines in the US during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the White House, this is an urgent step, as the situation of milk powder running out of store shelves is spreading, creating a burden for many American families.

“My baby is sick and can only use formula, but the lack of milk has lasted for months. We even have to travel across the country to have enough formula for him,” Jess Butler – Seattle resident , Washington, USA said.

With the new regulations, raw material suppliers will have to prioritize sources for the production of infant formula. The US military also deployed a campaign “Airlift milk powder”, chartered commercial aircraft to transport powdered milk from abroad to the US.

Journalist Zeke Miller – analyst, AP news agency said: “Previously, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relaxed the conditions for imported formula milk. As a result, powdered milk from other countries such as Europe may soon be supplied, supplementing the domestic supply.”

US officials are also working to get a large Abbott milk powder factory in Michigan to reopen in the next few weeks, contributing to an early end to the current crisis.

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