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Tien Linh’s father shared about his son’s call after the match U23 Vietnam defeated U23 Malaysia

Friday, May 20, 2022 07:37 AM (GMT+7)

After a suffocating victory against the Malaysian U23 team, player Tien Linh called his family.

On the evening of May 19, the team Soccer U23 Vietnam had a 1 – 0 victory over Malaysia U23 at Viet Tri Stadium (Phu Tho) delighting the fans. The score was thanks to player Tien Linh with a nice header after Hung Dung’s free kick from the left.

With this result, the army of red shirts will compete against Thailand U23 in the dream final a few days later.

After the match, sharing with PV, Mr. Nguyen Tien Quyen (the father of Tien Linh player) happily said that this match was a match that took too much strength for the U23 players in Vietnam. This semi-final victory not only brings joy to Vietnamese fans but also has a special meaning on President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday.

“The moment when Tien Linh headed to score the goal was really happy, my family and everyone jumped to celebrate the victory. This goal is very beautiful, this is the effort of the whole team, but Tien Linh is the lucky one to score, so my wife and I are happier and more excited,” Quyen said.

Tien Linh's father shared about his son's call after the match U23 Vietnam defeated U23 Malaysia - 1

Tien Linh is happy after a beautiful header to score the goal for the Vietnamese team

According to Mr. Quyen, after his son scored the goal, he himself wished to end the match soon to maintain this victory. The goal has relieved the pressure on Tien Linh and the whole team.

The father of player Tien Linh said that today his family’s cafe had about 300 people cheering for the U23 Vietnam team to play. Every corner is full, there are no seats.

“I am very happy that the U23 team has reached the final for the gold medal. Really, at that time, if Linh didn’t hit the head, I thought it would be a lot more pressure to take the penalty later, if I couldn’t kick, it would be very miserable. I have never seen her take off her shirt, but today she did, the feeling at that time must have been so happy. After the game, I called home to ask if you were tired? Is the restaurant crowded? I just encouraged him and said that when he went to play football, his parents were worried, equally stressed, couldn’t eat rice and lost weight,” Quyen shared about Tien Linh’s concern with his parents right after the game. stress.

Mr. Quyen also revealed that, after the match, Tien Linh called home to invite his parents to watch the final match. However, Mr. Quyen refused because he was busy taking care of his youngest son to prepare for the final exam, so he did not go to the field to watch Tien Linh and his teammates play directly.

“Having reached the final, I wish Tien Linh and the whole Vietnamese team will play with 200% performance in the next match, try to shine, bring gold medals for U23 Vietnam and for the fans,” he said. Right to message.

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