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Tips to improve call quality on iPhone that few people know

The Voice Isolation feature on iPhone uses artificial intelligence to eliminate environmental noise, providing better call quality.

Sound from the surrounding environment always affects the quality of the call, making it difficult for the listener on the other end to catch all the content of the conversation. Apple knows that and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the problem but does not give specific instructions that few people know about.

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How to enable Voice Isolation feature on iPhone from iOS 15 and later

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Voice Isolation feature is available on phones, when activated, it will bring unexpected effects but most people have forgotten. To get started, users need to make a FaceTime call on their iPhone or iPad, then access the Control Center by swiping from upper right corner screen down and tap the icon named Mic Mode.

By default, this feature will set the level to Standard (Standard), but users will have 2 more options: Voice Isolation or Wide Spectrum (Wide Spectrum mode). In particular, Wide Spectrum is used to capture more environmental sounds into the mic (can be useful in cases where a group of people turn on speakerphone to chat with relatives and friends on the other end of the call). .

In contrast, Voice Isolation when activated, the AI ​​begins to separate the speaker’s voice from the environment sound to help the other person hear more clearly. If you use many different applications to make calls, you can enable this feature for all (but not all programs are supported in reality).

According to The VergeVoice Isolation supports Snapchat, WhatsApp, Slack, Signal, Instagram, Zoom but not with TikTok. Some tests show that the feature does not work with traditional calls.

All iPhones using A12 Bionic chip or later, using iOS 15 or later can take advantage of Voice Isolation to improve call quality (via the above popular apps or FaceTime). Thus, users of iPhone XS/XS Max/XR to the latest generation are iPhone SE 2022 can experience, as long as the device has been updated to iOS 15.

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