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US sends more weapons to Ukraine, Mr. Zelensky considers Donbass as ‘hell’

The AP news agency said that the US government on the night of May 19 (local time) announced the sending of weapons worth $ 100 million to Ukraine.

“This batch of weapons will include 18 155mm howitzers, 18 motorized artillery towing vehicles and many other equipment. At the same time, we also sent 3 more anti-aircraft artillery AN/TPQ-36 radar systems. This batch of weapons will be sent out soon. I cannot say at this time when this batch of weapons will be in Ukraine,” the US Department of Defense website quoted spokesman John Kirby as saying.

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Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Photo: AP

“Sending this additional batch of weapons means we have sent $4.6 billion to Ukraine since US President Joe Biden took office. We will continue to consult with the Ukrainian side about what kind of military equipment they need,” Kirby added.

According to the AP news agency, this $ 100 million weapons shipment is completely separate from 40 billion USD military aid package recently passed by the US Senate.

Mr. Zelensky considers the Donbass region ‘hell’

“The Russian army completely destroyed the Donbass region. Hell is there, and this is not an exaggeration. 12 civilians were killed in a ‘senseless’ shelling of the city of Severodonetsk,” the British newspaper The Independent quoted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as saying in a video posted on the night of May 19.

“This is a deliberate move to destroy as much of Ukraine’s homes, social facilities and businesses as possible,” Zelensky added.

Lugansk Governor Sergiy Gaiday in a statement later accused the Russian army of using heavy military weapons to “shoot indiscriminately” on the city of Severodonetsk.

“The attack started early in the morning and continued into the night. Preliminary information on the number of people killed and injured due to shelling has not been updated, as we cannot make statistics under the situation of bomb and bullet rain. I urge the people who are still in the city to go to the bunker,” Gaiday said.

Currently, the Russian military and authorities have not yet responded to the above allegations of the Ukrainian side.

World Food Program warns of hunger for 49 million people

“As many as 49 million people in 43 countries have had hunger knock on their doors.” Climate change, including droughts and floods, and the Covid-19 pandemic have affected food security, and I thought it couldn’t get any worse,” said Chuong Chuong Executive Director. World Food Program (WFP) David Beasley told AP news agency.

“But then the war turned Ukraine, the country considered the ‘breadbasket of the world’, into a country with lines of people waiting for food to be distributed. Therefore, I urge world leaders to lift the blockade of Ukraine’s ports and increase food production,” Beasley added.

According to the AP news agency, this is not the first time the WFP CEO has warned of global hunger due to the Russia-Ukraine war. In March, the official said they had to cut the diets of 125 million people worldwide because “food, fuel and transportation costs are going up”.

“Ukraine and Russia produce 30% of the global supply of wheat, 20% of maize and 75-80% of sunflower seed oil. WFP also buys 50% of its grain from Ukraine. The war is increasing our monthly expenses by $71 million due to rising food, fuel and transportation costs. That total will be $850 million in a year,” Beasley said at the time.

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