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Vplay creates attraction in Vietnam’s mobile game market

After Nine Dreams of Fairyland, War Realm 4D will be the next role-playing game released by Vplay. This is a project with a huge investment cost from NPH under Vietnam Interactive Television Joint Stock Company (VTVlive).

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Vplay is a mobile game publishing center that appears in the late 2021 and early 2022 period. When it was first established, this publisher (NPH) launched Nine Dreams Fairy Realm, a role-playing product with a bold and pioneering nature. Hiep, used to be very successful in the Chinese market.

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Although not promoting too much, but the game has attracted a large number of players. Extremely light configuration and impressive graphics, Nine Dreams Fairy Realm has helped Vplay get noticed, becoming a “remarkable” rookie in the mobile game industry.

Convinced by the gameplay system as well as the smooth experience the game brings, the gaming community “rushes” into the magical and magical world of Nine Dreams. The game quickly topped the Appstore mobile game chart, achieved a huge number of players, becoming one of the attractive games.

Before that result, Vplay embarked on searching and implementing the next projects. After a relatively successful game, according to Vplay, there needs to be another product with a quality that is both superior to the previously released game, and has fair competition with the blockbusters that have been released.

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After nearly 3 months of silence, Warring States 4D has hit the shelves and is the next super product of choice. It is known that the game is a new generation role-playing product, mixed with multiverse content, not limited to the usual fairy tale plot.

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The graphics of Warringia 4D are also perfectly optimized, along with the variety of gameplay that has also helped the game become a famous name in China.

With the imprint of the Nine Dreams in the fairyland, as well as the launch of the super product Warring States 4D, Vplay is showing its readiness in terms of investment potential, operating personnel as well as a clear purpose in the game market. domestic mobile phones.

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In the period of harsh competition among game publishers after the pandemic, Vplay is quickly breaking through from the starting line to prove its position, creating a strong attraction for the gaming community.

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