Warning a lot of teenagers have scoliosis, 5 things to do to prevent

Health The spine plays an important role in the growth and development of adolescents. However, nowadays, many young people face various problems about the spine, in which scoliosis is a common disease.

Scoliosis greatly affects adolescents from height, appearance to cardiopulmonary function… Therefore, in daily life, we need to pay attention to effective prevention of the disease. fruit.

Warning a lot of teenagers have scoliosis, 5 things to do to prevent - 1

Many children go to the doctor to find out that they have spine problems (Artwork).

1. Periodic health check

It is not possible to see whether the spine is crooked, deformed or pathological with the naked eye, thus encouraging young people to form a habit of periodic health check-ups.

Periodic health examination not only helps us understand the function of the organs in the body visually, but also understands the condition of the bones, if there is a disease in the spine, it will be detected and treated promptly. , thereby avoiding curvature of the spine.

2. Do proper exercise

Due to the abundance and variety of electronic devices, many young people are attracted, can sit for hours or many hours in front of computers, televisions, phones… and become inactive. When there is insufficient exercise, the resistance in adolescents decreases, it is easy to gain weight, thereby increasing the risk of scoliosis.

Young people should build a good habit of exercising regularly. This habit not only improves immunity, but also avoids bone damage.

However, the intensity of the exercise should not be too high, take it one step at a time from low to high. Over time, exercise will help strengthen the spine.

Warning a lot of teenagers have scoliosis, 5 things to do to prevent - 2

Everyone should adjust the standard sitting posture to maintain a healthy spine (Artwork).

3. Keep the right posture

Wrong posture is one of the causes of scoliosis, so when doing any job, it is important to pay attention to maintaining the correct posture.

For example, when sitting, you should not bend, lean back, do not cross your legs, otherwise the lumbar spine will be injured due to the increased burden, leading to the risk of scoliosis. When reading or doing exercises, you should also keep your head up, especially your back should always be kept straight.

4. Supplement full of nutrients

During adolescence, all organs of the body are in the growth and development stage, including bones. In this process, the source nutrition Diversity plays a very important role.

To get enough nutrients, teens should eat plenty of whole grains, eggs, and dairy products. These are foods that help keep bones strong, promote growth and development of the body.

5. Choose the right pillow

To reduce the risk of scoliosis in adolescents, it is necessary to choose the right pillow. It is best to choose a relatively low and soft pillow, so that the shoulders and head can rest on the pillow, thereby reducing pressure on the spine, helping the spine to develop easily even at night.

In general, scoliosis is different from other diseases, not all ages can be cured. Usually, the disease is easier to treat during adolescence. Therefore, young people should have regular health checks to detect and treat diseases as soon as possible.

In addition, we should also form good and moderate eating habits, should not be picky eaters, abstain, only then can we fully absorb nutrients, thereby promoting bone growth better. , minimizing the possibility of curvature of the spine.

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