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10 ways of saying smart parents make their children listen to them without yelling

Raising children is a journey full of happiness but also many difficulties and challenges for parents. Each stage of the child has changes, the parents’ behavior and educational methods will determine the child’s personality and future development. So if you are not skillful, miss a certain stage, parents will face a lot of difficulties in raising children.

Here are 10 ways of saying smart parents to make their children listen to them without yelling, parents can refer to and apply to their children. However, each child is a different individual, in order to come up with the most appropriate method, parents need to observe and learn the personality of each child to apply accordingly.

1. Look directly, at eye level with your child

Looking someone in the eye in a focused way shows respect for that person. When teaching children, mothers should do the same. When talking, you should sit down, put your eyes at eye level with the child’s, look at the child and speak softly. This method is very effective, not only attracting the baby’s attention but also helping the baby learn to listen.

Of course, you can’t talk with angry eyes because that will only make you feel scared. Adjust your behavior and emotions to fit what’s going on. Sometimes just a proper look is enough to make me obey.

This way is really effective in all cases, when you want your child to obey, want to explain something to your child, or simply give your child a hug, say words of love. Every action when performed with a loving gaze from a mother will give the child a pleasant feeling.

10 ways of saying smart parents make their children listen to them without yelling - Photo 1.

Instead of yelling, gently talk to your child. Illustration.

2. Use your child’s favorite name

Every baby has a real name along with a nickname given to it by their parents. However, depending on the age, children will fall in love with a cartoon character, a superhero or a certain princess. If your child’s name is Bon and a fan of Marvel superheroes, when you don’t listen to me, you can gently say: “My son is Bon Marvel, but as a superhero, you must obey your parents”. .. Surely when hearing this saying, the baby will think and listen to his parents more.

3. Start the instruction with 2 words “I want”

No one likes being wronged or ordered by others, and neither do children. Even though I’m young, I still have the right to receive respect instead of shouting and forcing. Commands such as “put it down”, “do something like that”, “can’t you understand”… are very often used by many parents to talk to their children.

But if you want your child not to say nothing, parents should do the same. Any sentence given must have a subject such as “I want you to save the broom for me”, “I want you to turn off the TV for me?”. In all cases, children always prefer gentle words rather than commands and scolding. Mastering this mentality, parents will have a suitable way of talking to their children.

Similarly, when you want to talk to your child, parents try to use full subject-predicate sentences because later on, children will surely learn the way adults speak. If you want your child to speak well-thought-out sentences, before and after, set an example for them. If the parents say nothing, they cannot force the child to say a sentence with a full subject – predicate.

10 ways of saying smart parents make their children listen to their words without yelling - Photo 2.

Children will be very grateful if parents are always gentle. Illustration.

4. Give your baby a choice

When you force your child to do something, he or she will feel it is an order. But when giving your child the right to choose, she will feel like an adult and make her own decisions, even though those decisions are directed by parents. For example, a mother forcing her child to wear a white shirt is different from a mother giving her a choice between a white square-collar shirt and a white round-neck shirt.

In everyday life, also apply to your baby to choose, surely he will listen to you more. For example: “Do you like to eat shrimp or fish for today’s meal”, “which blue dress or pink dress do you prefer”, “you can choose 1 favorite toy out of all these toys, only 1 that’s all”…

5. Sentence-by-sentence principle

The common mistake of many parents is to talk too much or make many requests at the same time, causing the child to get confused, not knowing which to do first. For example, parents often say “turn off the TV, get a chair, clean up the dishes and then eat dinner”, or “take a shower, get dressed, get mom a bag and go out”. At these times, children who do not yet speak well may not know what to do first, but have been scolded by their parents for “can’t you hear anything”, and think that they are naughty.

Instead, apply the rule of speaking one sentence at a time. For example, “Bong, turn off the TV”, after I turn it off, “Pong, let’s clean up the dishes”… With each action and specific request like that, I’m sure I’ll be excited about the job. than. A little hint is that sometimes let children do whatever they like freely, whether it’s sweeping the house, taking out the trash, cleaning the desk… instead of reminding. Children will feel more independent if they are not forced by their parents every day.

10 ways of saying smart parents make their children listen to them without yelling - Photo 3.

Try to let your child always feel happy and agree with what your parents say. Illustration.

6. Give benefits so that the child does not refuse

When ordering your child to do something, include an explanation of why he should do it. Instead of just saying to put on a shirt, mom should say “You put on a long-sleeved shirt and we’ll go out, it’s very cold if you wear that, you’ll get sick, if you’re sick, you won’t be able to go out” . Such an explanation will make the child understand why he should/must do it, not just an order from his parents.

7. Asking is too difficult for children’s understanding

When a child does something wrong, many parents tend to ask difficult questions: “Why did you do that”, “who taught you to do that”. In fact, sometimes children themselves do not know why they act like this, because they are simply curious, hyperactive, naughty, but have no purpose. Instead, ask more provocative questions like “can you tell me what happened,” “what are you going to do, can we do it together,” or “when you do something ask mom and we can do it together, it won’t be dangerous for you”…

In addition, when asking your child something, try to use simple words and language that the child can understand. Short, full sentences will be very effective in cases like these.

8. Let the baby repeat the mother’s request

Adults often explain a lot and then end up saying “do you understand”, many children will tend to nod or say they understand, even though they don’t understand at all. At these times, ask your child to repeat back to you what you want him to do and carefully observe his actions to make sure he understands. Of course, your baby won’t get it right the first time, so try to be patient.

10 ways of saying smart parents make their children listen to their words without shouting - Photo 4.

Give your child a chance to correct his mistakes, and try to be patient with him. Illustration.

9. Make suggestions instead of saying “no”

When your child suggests something but you don’t want to accept it, you should first explain to your child why he can’t do it, and then subtly give him another suggestion so he doesn’t fall into the trap. feeling of disappointment. For example, when a child asks “can I play here” but because it is an office, parents can say “this is my office, if I play here it will be very noisy and affect everyone.” Man, can I bring the toys to the living room?”.

10. Give your child a chance to correct their mistakes

When your child makes a mistake, don’t rush to scold him, but explain and give him a chance to do it again. After 2 or 3 times of being gently reminded, I will definitely not repeat the offense again. However, instead of scolding parents, they should explain specifically why so that children understand and accept their mistakes.

Raising children is a very long and challenging journey for parents. In modern society, the method of parenting children has more or less changed, requiring parents to be skillful, delicate, and meticulous in observing to be able to come up with the most appropriate and effective way to teach their children.


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