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6 loving actions of parents make children shy and dependent

1. Meet all your child’s requirements

Many parents today are pampering their children like.. kings. Because parents can’t stand the crying of their children. As long as the child bursts into a tantrum, all of his requests will be met. Or threaten to bully children, but only lightly and then follow their wishes.

This method of parents only makes children good at nagging, dependent on adults. Later, when I grow up, when I go out into society, I don’t have anyone to “cheat” and help me anymore. So the child becomes afraid. Not to mention that children can become selfish, dependent and always self-centered.

2. Don’t let your child do anything with his hands or feet

This is also the mistake most parents make. Many parents often think that such a child does not know what to do. Or let them do it, it’s even more messy, stop trying to finish.

Such thinking is not only judged as short-sighted, but also makes me lazy and sluggish. After that, it was difficult for me to be independent. Not to mention that kid will fumble in every job. Gradually, they will form a self-deprecating mentality among the crowd.

3. Parents don’t let their children face challenges, rescue them too quickly

Many parents overprotect their children. I don’t dare to let my children go out to play because I am afraid that I will get sick, my clothes are dirty, I am afraid I will fall, I will meet bad people… Besides, every time I have a small accident, I cannot walk up the stairs. , did not dare to walk in the dark … parents also quickly ran in to help the baby.

However, children need to stumble a few times, need to handle the problems they are facing so that they are more confident, learn more life skills and are no longer too dependent on their parents.

If we keep covering our children, they will surely have negative thoughts:If I fail or do something wrong, my parents or someone else will rescue me“. This action causes children to gradually lose their self-control, responsibility and become someone who likes to depend on others.

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4. Parents praise their children too much

Granted, every time a child does a good job, parents should reward them to encourage them. But if we’re crazy about you, we’ll tell you all the good things about you. Parents always praise their children, … unintentionally parents will be satisfied with their children’s achievements, disregarding poor behaviors. Children will eventually learn to cheat, exaggerate, lie, and avoid difficult realities. Because children have not learned to face difficulties and failures.

5. Parents don’t dare to share their mistakes

Many parents just want to be perfect in their children’s eyes, to be a good example for their children to follow. Therefore, they often hide the fact that they have made mistakes. This of parents has unintentionally taught their children to lie, not daring to confront their wrongdoing.

6. Parents raise children in a confined environment, not allowing children to interact with the community

When living forever in a limited space, facing only a few family members, the child is often afraid of crowds. Because the baby has little contact with strangers.

This lasts for a while, when growing up, the child will definitely be shy, living a secluded life and not daring to show off in front of the crowd.

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