A good relationship must be a PROFIT type of transaction

According to a survey, 87.5% of the money a person earns comes from the personal relationships they forge.

Yes, your social network is your personal property.

Therefore, there are many people who are willing to devote time and energy to participate in community activities to get to know talented people.

But after a long time of being close, they discovered that these talented people are not their social connections, they are just a string of numbers in your contact list, and they are just friends. passersby chatting and laughing at the dining table.

There is a question like this on the net: “What kind of relationship can be considered a social network?”

There is an answer that gets a lot of likes: “Social relations are actually a kind of transaction.”

When two parties can provide each other with equal exchange value and create opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation, that is quality social relationships.

In fact, social relationships are really just a reflection of personal values.

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Your social network is your personal property. (Illustration)


There is a question like this: “How to associate with people who are better than you?”

There is an answer that: “Social relations, often thanks to each other.”

Thanks to each other in a moderate way, will promote the relationship of the two sides.

MC Wang Han, a famous Chinese host once told a story like this:

One year, he was seriously ill, the process of recovering his body required some rare and precious medicinal herbs in the Yungui Plateau, Guizhou, but he couldn’t find it no matter how he looked.

Then, he remembered that he had a contact number of a friend in Van Quy, thinking that, he immediately tried to contact him.

Unexpectedly, that friend helped him find the medicine, and even helped make a capsule that he could drink directly.

Vuong Ham finds himself annoying people too much.

Opponent replied: “You asked me, which means you consider me a friend. Aren’t friends supposed to help each other out at times like this?”

Thanks to this, the relationship between the two became closer.

Actually, asking for help in a moderate way, there is a “degree”, which is not called a burden, but an exchange of resources to make the other person feel their own worth.

Carnegie said: “If you want a relationship to last, you have to ask someone to do something small for you that makes them feel alive and important.”

Tsujino Kouichiro, senior manager of Google Japan and also an author, once encountered a difficult problem about numbers in his work, and he was very confused.

He suddenly remembered an Indian colleague who was an expert in the field, who could instantly find data problems and errors in lengthy and complex data tables.

He tried to seek help from the other party, unexpectedly the other party was very enthusiastic to help.

Since then, he has learned to seek help from more specialized colleagues when he encounters problems beyond his control.

Gradually, he discovered that what he gained was not only good relationships, but it also saved him energy to focus on his profession.

And this also contributed to helping him quickly develop into a senior manager of Google Japan.

No one is a lonely island and can survive alone.

One tree should not be young, three trees clustered together to form a high mountain, bothering each other, helping each other, even if the relationship is not durable, it can still bring value to both parties for a period of time. there.

Knowing how to properly ask for help can also help deepen a relationship.

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“Ethic Sutra” writes: “If you want to spend money, you don’t have to spend money”, the main idea is to say, if you want to receive it, you must first give it away.

Provide your value first and become the network of others, then you have the opportunity to let others become your network.

Top social relations gurus know how to “benefit people” first.

Liu Yun, former chief strategy officer of Microsoft in China, once shared his own story.

A long time ago, when Luu Nhuan was still working at Microsoft, he noticed that: those who wanted to help did not know who to help, and those who needed help could not find anyone willing to help them.

So he came up with the idea to start a website, a charity website that donates time to help others.

A year later, the project has helped 61 organizations, organized 227 volunteer activities, donated 3,071 hours and helped many people.

After this website was discovered by CCTV reporter Liang Zhengzheng (China Central Television), she took the lead and cooperated with CCTV in an activity called “time donation”. “.

With CCTV’s resources, the impact of this project is multiplied many times over.

Among them, Phan Shi Yat (Chinese businessman and Chairman of SOHO China) donated 1 million yuan, and many other entrepreneurs also helped with free promotion.

During this time, more than 100,000 people have been helped.

During the cooperation with CCTV, the director in charge of this operation introduced Liu Yun to a friend named Jian Xinrong.

Then, Giang Xin Vinh introduced him to another “heavyweight” character, Ly Gia Kiet, the eldest son of Hong Kong billionaire, the 19th richest person in the world in 2012, Ly Trieu Co.

After the two met, they talked happily.

The following year, Ly Gia Kiet led the establishment of a public welfare company with 43 partners, including Luu Nhuan, the remaining 42 were all rich men in Hong Kong.

After that, Luu Nhuan resigned to start his own business, and Jet Li became his first customer again.

Those high-class relationships did not come from the fact that he worked hard to go to parties and parties to connect, but simply stemmed from his original idea of ​​wanting to help others.

Deliver your own value first and deliver what the other party needs, so you can get more high-quality contacts.

There is a saying like this: “Real social connection is not how many people you know, but how many people want to associate with you.”

In fact, the people you can help are your real quality relationships.

The grass grows towards the sun, the wise make friends with the elite: A good relationship must be a PROFIT transaction - Photo 3.


The depth of relationships really depends on each person.

When you become elite, you will naturally attract resources of excellence to you.

A netizen once shared a story about himself like this.

Participating in social media platforms for a while, he admires people who have a lot of social media followers and wants to be like them too.

With that in mind, he began to try to open a “question and answer” section on his channel, but after answering more than 100 questions, the number of followers was only 20.

He felt very disappointed.

Then he came up with an idea, contacting celebrities with a lot of followers.

He left his comment in the comments section of their channel, asking them to follow me…

I hope that this kind of interaction will help me gain more followers, but it didn’t go as expected, most of his comments were lost.

However, he is still very persistent, once, one of his posts received more than 500 likes.

This made him extremely happy.

After that, he slows down, has any technical questions, he will find the reading material and understand first and then answer the readers.

Gradually, his posts got 1000 likes, 2000 likes…

Persevering a few months later, his followers reached hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of post likes, and he became a real celebrity on social networks.

During this time, he also constantly received private messages: “Hi, do you accept the cooperation offer?”

And receive a lot of messages hoping to interact with the other party’s channel.

This story tells us one rule: If you bloom, the butterfly will fly on its own.

When you can’t do anything yourself, the relationships you have are very narrow.

But when you do something, the relationships will come to you.

Someone once said: “A high-quality relationship always occurs between two outstandingly independent personalities, the essence of which is mutual appreciation and respect on both sides.”

Really helpful contacts come from their own strength.

In fact, equal exchange leads to equal friendship.

Grass grows towards the sun, wise people associate with elites: A good relationship must be a PROFIT transaction - Photo 4.


American sociologist George Caspar Homans argued that: “Every relationship between individuals is essentially a relationship of exchange.”

Social relationships are never obtained through casual social interaction, but through the exchange of value you provide.

Annoying others appropriately, providing an avenue for mutual help;

Help others with your own strength, attract more powerful contacts.

If you understand the rules of social interaction, you don’t need to spend time making friends, you will spend time improving and honing yourself.

Only when you grow towards the sun can you meet the wider world. type

Nhu Nguyen

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