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Admiring Khac Viet’s way of teaching twins

In episode 3 – Dad’s shoulders are so big even though there are times when he can’t help but deep down in 4 fathers, that’s the boundless love of children, always protecting them when they need them. Continuing the 48-hour journey with their children, episode 4 Can’t live without mom (?) brings new moments and moments of “cry to tears” when all 4 fathers struggled to take care of their children.

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Khac Viet’s daughter fell in love while Khac Viet “ignored”.

However, through these moments, the audience can see the effort in the parenting style of Khac Viet. There was also a time when the male musician was tired in the house with Khac Viet’s twin babies who never stopped crying. Papaya wanted to go out to play, but Viet’s father was worried that he would hit the nails of the houses under construction, so he could only agree to let him play for a while and then go inside. But the youngest girl did not agree with her father, constantly quarreling, causing Vietnamese father to coax him for a long time and fell asleep on his father’s shoulder.

When Papaya fell asleep, Viet’s father had time to pay attention to his brother Dua and cook dinner for the two children. If you live with your grandmother and help, and your two children “can’t eat”, then living with Viet’s father, Dua can easily finish dinner, even eating on his own without much care from his father.

However, the time the two of them were together was not too long, Papa’s brother woke up and his father had to quickly share time for the two children. And Mr. Dua was not satisfied with this, constantly crying. To the extent that, Viet’s father had to get angry at his son “just cry” and instruct Papaya, “Ignore him, let him cry, we can play together”.

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Khac Viet sat and played with his son again.

But in fact, Vietnamese father understands the character of the two young children, also understands how normally the two children are pampered. Currently, he will have to reshape the personalities of his two children, so that they understand that “you can’t do anything you want” but should be at the right time and in the right place.

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