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Artists sing in the middle of Truong Sa

Khanh HoaIn the journey ‘Youth for the homeland’s sea and islands’, many artists conveyed their love for the country to the soldier.

In the days of May, the CQ boat from the ship HQ 561 turned waves offshore, wriggling through coral reefs, bringing artists and writers to Toc Tan A’s sinking island. The order to get on a boat to visit the island is always prioritized by the mainland mission leaders for petite girls, After many hours, the seasick girls lay flat on the train bed.

Crossing the waves and singing in the middle of Truong Sa

Artists sing in Truong Sa. Image: Phuoc Tuan

In addition to visiting and encouraging the young soldiers, the delegation of nearly 10 artists from Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang had 11 cultural exchanges with diverse repertoire, young music, folk songs, hope neck, dance, playing the flute and flute. .. Amidst the waves, many soldiers said they were surprised to hear the familiar melodious flute in the Northwest mountains, through a solo by artist Giang A Hai (Mong Bac Ha flute club, Lao Cai). – who came to Truong Sa for the first time.

“Being able to perform the traditional culture of my people in Truong Sa is my great joy. I hope that the flute sound will help the soldiers reduce homesickness, have an optimistic spirit, and firmly defend the gunman. this forerunner land,” said artist Giang A Hai.

Coming to Truong Sa for the third time, artist Mai Tham (HCMC) still can’t contain her emotions. She always remembers the first time she came to Truong Sa in 1992. At that time, Mai Tham was a 17-year-old girl from the Military Region 9 literary group. When she sang the song, all the island soldiers cheered “For me. Be a bride in the West with Tham!”.

Singer Thu Phong interacts with navy soldiers on Sinh Ton island.  Photo: Phuoc Tuan

Singer Thu Phong interacts with navy soldiers on Sinh Ton island. Image: Phuoc Tuan

Nhat Mai, singer of Trung Vuong theater, said that many times while singing, when the power went out in the middle, the soldiers and artists held hands together to drown out the sound of the waves. There were times when the waves were so strong that it was impossible to enter the island or the DK1 rig, singers like Mai Tham had to sing through the ship’s walkie-talkie. “After each performance, many people ask us to sing more,” said artist Mai Tham.

Thu Phong, 22 years old, singer of Trung Vuong theater, twice had the opportunity to sing in front of the soldiers of the island. Thu Phong said: “I admire and be proud of you, who are on duty at the top of the storm”.

The delegation and delegates and island soldiers exchanged arts and crafts next to the sea and sky on Da Lon island.  Photo: Phuoc Tuan

Artists and delegates, naval soldiers exchange art by the sea and sky at Toc Tan A island. Photo: Phuoc Tuan

Holding a flower made of shells and coral given by a young soldier, Thu Phong said this is an invaluable gift in her singing career. A soldier on Da Nam sunken island said: “Sea snails are meticulously made into flowers by us, dedicated to the literary ladies”.

Join the theme music night Song dedicated to Uncle At the center of Truong Sa town, Mr. Tran Van Hoang, Vice Chairman of the town’s People’s Committee, commented that the performances of the troupe of artists were choreographed with enthusiasm, bringing joy to officers and soldiers and people on the island. Meanwhile, Captain Bui Dinh Phan, Commander of Da Lon Island, said that the singing and singing performed at the island points helped the soldiers have spiritual food, less homesickness, and more confidence. complete the task well.

Programme Youth for the motherland island organized by the Navy in coordination with the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to bring the artist group and nearly 300 delegates who are youth, trade unions, women’s unions, scientists… to visit and give gifts to soldiers and people on 10 islands such as Truong Sa, Sinh Ton, Song Tu Tay, Da Nam, Toc Tan, Nui Le… in Truong Sa island district and DK1/7 Huyen Tran rig house, from May 4 to 12.

Phuoc Tuan

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