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Commencement of the complex of eco-tourism area and cable car on the top of Mau Son

The Mau Son eco-tourist and cable car complex is a key project in the Mau Son tourism development roadmap to 2030, approved by the Prime Minister, to become a national tourist area, with products Typical tourism products are mountain resort tourism, spiritual cultural tourism and ecotourism of the Northern Midlands and Mountains and the whole country.

Accordingly, the project will be built by Sun Group with many items of international standards and standards, making Mau Son a unique “snow town” not only in the country and throughout the region. awakening the great tourism potential of Mau Son National Tourist Area.

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Leaders of Lang Son Provincial People’s Committee and delegates performed the groundbreaking ceremony of the Mau Son cable car and eco-tourism complex project.

High-class tourist and entertainment complex with the theme of “snow town”

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Luong Trong Quynh – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province said: “This is a very important project, which is expected to be a strong driving force for the development of tourism and service industries in particular. and the entire economy of the province in general, is a breakthrough step to concretize Program 3 on “Focusing on developing the tourism industry, striving for tourism to become an important economic sector by 2025. 2030 tourism becomes a spearhead economic sector” at the action program No. 04/CTr/TU of the Provincial Party Committee, implementing the Resolution of the 17th Lang Son Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 – 2025 With such a position and importance, the project has been included in the list of key projects by the Provincial People’s Committee to focus on directing, urging and implementing during the past time”.

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Mr. Luong Trong Quynh – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Lang Son province speaks at the groundbreaking ceremony

After the ground-breaking ceremony, Sun Group will start implementing the first item of the project including: cable car line, two departure stations and two arrival stations. The total length of cable car works deployed at this stage is expected to be about 6 km, divided into two routes: Xuan Man – Phat Chi (4.2 km) and Phat Chi – Mau Son (1.8 km).

Along with that, the following items will be deployed to complete a high-class entertainment and tourism complex, with the theme throughout is “snow town”.

The focus of the project will be the Sun World entertainment complex on the Mau Son peak area, with 3 themed subdivisions: Snow Castle, Mist Village and Lava City, telling the story of legends Mau Son peak, through designs, textures and patterns inspired by the nature here and the unique traditional culture of local ethnic groups such as Dao, Tay, and Nung.

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Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy – Chairman of Sun Group in the capital area speaks at the groundbreaking ceremony

According to the design, the Snow Castle area will be built at the highest part of the entertainment area on the top of Mau Son, so that visitors can hunt snow in four seasons, at one of the earliest spots to catch snow in Vietnam. Streets, white roofs with snow, indoor snow games, snow castles, ice skating rinks to watch live ice shows with lights, dances and music… will constantly lead visitors along the way. from one surprise to another.

Next to the Snow Castle is the Mist Village themed subdivision, where visitors can stay at tree houses, walk on the outdoor pedestrian bridge to admire the wonderful nature of Mau Son, enjoy Enjoy spectacular art shows at the 4D Theater in the shape of a tree house with a tortoise shell roof. This is also the convergence of a system of unique local and international cuisine restaurants.

The third thematic subdivision called “Lava City” will be the mecca of thrilling games and the most modern virtual reality in the world. Here, architectural blocks like being carved into cooled volcanic rock, rolling walls of lava flows, lava fortresses… lead visitors to go underground, to discover a world filled with hidden gems. The unending mystery made their hearts flutter and then burst with excitement.

The area at the foot of Mau Son mountain will form a high-class shopping and entertainment complex, green park, walking path, theater … surrounding a large central lotus lake – where shows will take place. Spectacular lighting and music. On the top of Buddha Chi, a spiritual tourist complex will be built, with the focus being a giant-sized reclining Buddha statue.

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Mau Son Peak will be a more attractive tourist area in the future

The goal is to welcome 5 million visitors to the “snow town” of Mau Son by 2030

Mr. Dang Minh Truong – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sun Group said: “For Sun Group, entertainment and resort tourism are the key areas in the Group’s investment and development activities, right from the very beginning. first returned to Vietnam to set up a business. This is also an area that helps us realize our desire to contribute and beautify potential but under-exploited lands like Mau Son.”

“Therefore, despite being heavily affected after two years of the epidemic, as soon as tourism reopens, we are determined to immediately start the project of Ecotourism Complex, Mau Son cable car. Cooperating with the world’s leading names to implement this project, Sun Group hopes that the future “snow town” on the top of Mau Son will not only satisfy Vietnamese tourists’ desire to “hunt the snow” in four seasons, but also make Mau Son a must-visit destination for international tourists,” Truong said.

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Perspective of a part of “snow town” on the top of Mau Son

With a world-class scale and bold design ideas, Mau Son cable car and eco-tourism complex is expected to be completed in 2025, with a goal to welcome 5 million visitors by 2030. Visitors come to visit and entertain.

The project is expected to turn the great potential of Mau Son into a resource, contributing to a breakthrough in Lang Son tourism economy, and at the same time increasing jobs for local people and bringing tourism to the area. step by step become a spearhead economic sector of the province, towards sustainability and professionalism.

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