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Everyone is full of compliments, all the good ways that billionaires apply

Tran Quan Hy was once the most famous actor in Hong Kong in the 2000s. He possesses a handsome appearance, romantic style and top acting talent. Some of the films that have contributed to his fame are: Special Scenes of New Humanity 2, Infernal Path, Thien Co Transform, Hate 2, …

In addition to acting, the actor has received countless invitations to shoot commercials, act as models for famous brands in fashion, food, and home appliances. He was also voted as one of 10 fashion icons in the poll of young Hong Kong fashion designers. Tran Quan Hy also defeated Co Thien Lac, Nicholas Tse, Ngo Ngan To, … to win the title of “The most beautiful young star in Hong Kong” in 2008.

However, in 2008, public opinion was shaken because the actor revealed a series of hot photos and clips. This caused his reputation to fall. Scandal happened that ended his career completely. Tran Quan Hy had to flee to the US to avoid public opinion.

The famous actor in Asia applies 2 principles of good parenting: Everyone praises, all the good ways that billionaires apply - Photo 1.

The famous actor for a while spends all his time with his small family.

In 2017, he married supermodel Tan Thu Boi – a famous girl in the modeling world who participated in the Victoria’s Secret show. The two have a daughter, Alaia, born in 2017. The little girl has changed the actor’s life. He often shares pictures of his daughter and scientific methods of raising children and receives many compliments from everyone. Public opinion may criticize Tran Quan Hy for his previous chaotic lifestyle, but in particular, the way he teaches children, no one has criticized him for anything.

1. Always encourage and encourage your child

Someone once asked Tran Quan Hy that:Is it more tiring to be a boss or a father?”. The actor laughed happily and replied: “Being a good boss is exhausting! I’d rather be a good father”. With his little daughter, he always spends patience and calm.

“If an employee makes a mistake once, I hope I don’t have to scold them a second time. But my daughter can make mistakes many times and I am ready to forgive and tolerate.” the actor emphasized.

Although his business is busy, he always tries to arrange to have more time with his children. He wants to be the witness of every important moment in his daughter’s life, from the first steps in her life to when she begins to learn to read and write. And especially, he wants to see his children smile happily and happily throughout their childhood.

In addition, Tran Quan Hy often takes his daughter shopping, goes to see fireworks on Tet holiday, celebrates her birthday. Every important moment in your child’s life, I’m present.

The famous Asian actor applies 2 principles of good parenting: Everyone praises, all the good ways that billionaires apply - Photo 2.

Tran Quan Hy is always present on her daughter’s special occasions.

Not only focusing on arranging time with her children, Tran Quan Hy also encourages her daughter every day by saying: “You will change the world”. Many parents often save praise, always blame, scold their children. Sometimes children make very small mistakes and are severely reprimanded. This makes the children hurt, growing up tend to feel guilty, low self-esteem, closed life.

Tran Quan Hy disagrees with that method. He believes that encouragement and encouragement helps children to be confident and believe in their own abilities. With that, I become brave, dare to face all the storms in life.

2. Do not impose, control children

Another time, Tran Quan Hy saw that he was drawing a picture but it was not beautiful, the colors were messy, the lines were scribbled. He tried not to laugh and thought: “Oh, is this the children’s world?”

Through the drawing, Tran Quan Hy shared about his method of raising children: “I don’t use my standards to force my daughter to follow a pattern. I want my daughter to be free to be creative, to do the things she loves.”

The famous Asian actor applies 2 principles of good parenting: Everyone is good at complimenting, all the good ways that billionaires apply - Photo 3.

Tran Quan Hy does not force his daughter, always lets her do as she pleases.

Some fans disagree with the actor’s method. They think that if they don’t give their children a direction, let them follow their instincts without rules, it is very easy to damage them. The child will go the wrong way, even misbehave as he grows up.

But in the end, the purpose of education is for children to be who they are and become who they want to be. Parents cannot impose on their children, selfishly force them to follow their wishes. Parents should only be companions with their children.

When their children come into the world, all parents just want their children to be healthy, develop normally and always be happy. But gradually as children grow up, the demands placed on them become higher: “You have to get 100 points in Math”, “You have to work hard to get into a specialized school”, “You have to work in a good company after graduating”,… And they forgot their original goal.

The famous Asian actor applies 2 principles of good parenting: Everyone praises, all the good ways that billionaires apply - Photo 4.

Tran Quan Hy is a father with many good teaching methods.

Tran Quan Hy shared, when parents set requirements beyond their child’s ability, is the child’s life really happy? Children will always be anxious and anxious when chasing achievements, money, and fame. Realizing this, the actor is ready for me to do whatever I want, as long as I feel happy, full of positive energy.

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