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Facebook Tangmo The Flying Leaf Has Disappeared Even If The Owner Is Dead

On Tangmo’s personal Facebook page, many consecutive posts suddenly appeared, confusing netizens.

On the evening of May 21, on the personal page of the late actress Tangmo Pataratida Suddenly, two strange posts appeared, confusing netizens.

In a post, Facebook Tangmo posted photos taken with 3 friends, Por, San and female manager Krarik. These are also the three people present on the ship when Tangmo fell into the river and died.

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Post on Tangmo’s personal page

Status line attached to the photo: “Tangmo hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m still waiting for the truth from the mouths of 5 people. But if they don’t tell the truth, I will reveal the truth to all of you what happened on the train. Delete data mobile, don’t think you can’t restore it, buddy.”

It is known that no one in the family or friends has the password of Tangmo’s personal account. The beauty passed away 3 months ago, her Facebook was suddenly updated, causing many rumors.

Facebook Tangmo The Flying Leaf Has Turned Even Though The Owner Is Dead-2
This account even posted a new story

Online, many netizens doubted whether Tangmo’s case would have more new evidence. Meanwhile, most people believe that Tangmo’s Facebook has been hacked by hackers.

Actress Tangmo Pataratida fell into the Chao Phraya River at around 11pm on February 24. More than a day later, the rescue team found her body. At the time of the incident, Tangmo was riding a train with friends, besides her there were 5 other people, including the female manager Kratik.

According to the testimony of 5 people on the boat, the beauty The Flying Leaf Falling into the river is caused by not sitting firmly while going to the toilet. In the end, the police came to the conclusion that Tangmo’s case was an accident, not an intentional murder.

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