Forced to quit Mr. Le Hai Tra, HoSE has a new manager

The Board of Members of the Vietnam Stock Exchange has just issued a decision on disciplinary action in the form of forced resignation for Mr. Le Hai Tra, General Director of the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE) due to his violations and shortcomings are very serious in their work, and the Central Inspection Committee has enforced Party discipline.

On May 20, HoSE Acting Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Viet Ha signed a document announcing the appointment of Ms. Tran Anh Dao, HoSE Deputy General Director, in charge of HoSE’s Executive Board from May 20.

Forced to quit Mr. Le Hai Tra, HoSE has a new manager - 1

Ms. Tran Anh Dao. (Photo: HoSE)

Ms. Dao graduated from University Economy Ho Chi Minh City in 1997, then worked at an import-export company before joining the State Securities Commission in late 1998. It is known that Ms. Dao was the first generation of employees to operate HoSE since 7/2000. In mid-2013, she was appointed as Deputy General Director in charge of auction and listing management up to now.

The HoSE Board of Directors currently has 4 members, including Ms. Dao and 3 deputy general directors, Ms. Ngo Viet Hoang Giao, Mr. Nguyen Vu Quang Trung and Mr. Tran Tuan Vu.

The Ministry of Finance on the morning of May 20 also assigned Deputy Minister Nguyen Duc Chi to directly take charge of, direct and operate the State Securities Commission after the Minister signed a decision to dismiss Mr. have serious violations or shortcomings at work.

According to Mr. Chi, the mistakes of some leaders of the Securities Commission are personal and the ministry always has a plan to ensure personnel work. Leaders of the Ministry also affirmed to always be proactive and have a plan to ensure stock market Continuous operation, stable and safe.

Previously, on May 18, the Central Inspection Committee announced the consideration and conclusion of party discipline for the Party Committee of the Securities Commission and individuals who are party members at units under the SEC. and under the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Immediately after the inspection conclusion of the Central Committee of Inspection on the Party Committee of the Securities Commission for the 2015-2020 term was issued, the Ministry of Finance directed the Securities Commission, the stock exchanges, and the central government. The Securities Depository Center and related units review and implement measures to remedy violations and shortcomings.

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