H’Hen Nie’s movie with an investment of 60 billion dong is disappointing

Despite the high budget and invested action, the movie “578” has not been able to convince viewers.

Genre: Action

Directed by: Luong Dinh Dung

Actors: Alexandre Nguyen, H’Hen NiêThao Tam

Rating: 5.5/10

The article reveals part of the movie’s content The full name of the work is 578: The Madman’s Shot, revolves around a single father’s journey to find his daughter and get revenge. When it was first announced, many comments compared the movie with Hai Phuong

(2019) – currently ranked second in the list of the most popular Vietnamese films of all time.

Both are rare action projects of Vietnamese cinema, with many similarities in plot. However, the gap between the two works is really far.

Weak script

The main character is Hung (Alexandre Nguyen), who works as an on-demand container truck driver, every day looking for ways to earn money to feed his daughter An (Thanh Thao). Because of the nature of his work, Hung sent An to Ms. Tam (Thao Tam) to take care of and teach him when he was away from home.

One day, an incident suddenly occurred when An disappeared for unknown reasons.  When he returned, he suffered a psychological trauma that made Hung angry and determined to claim justice for his son.
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The film’s content revolves around the revenge journey of a man who works as a container truck driver. Content 578

simple and familiar. The scriptwriter chose a quick introduction when the conflict occurred at the beginning of the film, the rest mainly focused on Hung’s revenge journey.

The two main character lines – evil are also fully introduced in turn. That leaves the story without many unexpected elements to entice the audience to the end of the film.

Instead of opting for a linear narrative, the script continuously interweaves flashbacks. However, the cutting and editing stage is not reasonable, causing the film circuit to be tangled, especially in the first 10 minutes.

In the previous scene, An was still wandering to find her father, in the next scene, the baby was hospitalized in the worry of relatives.

The way to build the character is still old. The villain route still follows the familiar motif of the gangster movie series. The leader is sick and the juniors are stupid, preferring to use their hands and feet rather than brainstorm.

The male lead Hung was elevated to a man with high martial arts and the ability to track like a spy. He always escaped death easily, then returned to find the enemy like a never-ending loop.

Even when seriously injured, Hung can still pick up bullets and give himself water to resuscitate to continue fighting.

Character psychology has not been developed convincingly. At the beginning of the film, Hung was crying while driving his car in pain, but the details set out were superficial, making it difficult for viewers to empathize.

A few times after that, the film also flipped back to scenes depicting the father-son relationship but did not come, only making the story like moving into the genre of tragedy (drama) instead of action (action).
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The project attracted attention because of the participation of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Niê.

The script repeatedly made many absurd points. For example, the scene at the beginning of the film is a very large harbor, containing a series of containers but only one guard guarding.

When strangers came to visit, the security guard immediately rushed in and beat him with a stick without thinking. The girls went in and out of the harbour, like a walk in the park, then disappeared easily.

The rapid appearance of female characters makes the story diluted. From Thao Tam’s character Thao to the mysterious girl Bao Vy (H’Hen Niê) has not made much impression but just wasted film time.

The sound does not match the picture The project marks the return of director Luong Dinh Dung, who used to do Father Carrying Son

– Representing Vietnam to compete for the 2018 Oscars in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. This time, he was surprised by the lack of strict handling of the story, with many problems to overcome.

Throughout the film, the filmmaker continuously entertained the audience with wide-angle shots, using drones to capture the entire scene, from the busy city to the majestic nature.

The team also invests in selecting and changing different contexts to bring beautiful and diverse camera angles.

However, overusing the technique to make many scenes is not really effective, even counterproductive. Sometimes, the director forgets that the work is an action film, not a project to promote Vietnam’s tourism.

A big minus point of the movie is the sound stitch. The effects used are far behind the visuals. For example, a scene where a character is standing in the middle of a mountain screaming, but the crew only uses computer echo technology.

Similar to the sound of rain water, thunder and lightning are simply integrated, creating an unreal feeling.

Electronic tracks of similar color are used as background from start to finish, reducing the auditory impression. The actor’s voice acting is also a factor that makes the emotions drop.

The voices of some characters are funny because they give off the feel of 1990s Hong Kong gangster movies.
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Shaping the male lead Alexandre Nguyen as Hung

Action is the key factor promoted by the advertising crew to entice audiences to come to theaters, especially with a budget of up to VND 60 billion and the participation of international faces, from Korean action directors. Oh Sea Young to French-Vietnamese actor Alexandre Nguyen.

However, the action scenes in the film are more about fighting than choking. The editing and the sound always make the segments not really as expected.

For example, the key scene released right from the trailer is when Hung’s container truck is intercepted in the middle of the road. When going to the big screen, the scene left regret because it did not create a strong effect as introduced.

Taking on the role of Hung, Alexandre Nguyen is only at the level of the role. He almost did not have any problems with the action sequences, performing well in the fight scenes, acrobatics.

But with an immature script, the actor can hardly make the character different, leaving many imprints.

Another factor used to attract guests is the participation of H’Hen Niê – Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. Song, the beauty only attracts attention with a small action segment at the end of the film. She almost doesn’t have many lines or acting ground to prove her acting ability. Therefore, does H’Hen Niê really match? film

or not is still a question mark.

Explaining the name of the film, director Luong Dinh Dung shared that three numbers have their own meanings: 5 is an upside down key, 7 is like a gun and 8 is a handcuff.

Like the title, the content of the work is also difficult to understand without the author’s explanation. There is nothing wrong with investing in action, but ignoring other factors, especially the script, makes 578

become a work to be forgotten.

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