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Highlights of the post office franchise model

Regarding the franchise model in general, Vietnamese businesses often prefer to invest in franchising the most in areas such as F&B, fashion, retail, furniture and consumption.

However, after 2 years due to the impact of the epidemic, the trend of franchising the post office is considered the “center of attention” thanks to its high profitability, reasonable investment costs and long-term business strategy.

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Express delivery is gradually becoming the “focus” of investors

Trung Tuan (owner of a franchise post office in My Duc – Hanoi) shared that he has pursued a business model of building materials for many years, but due to the volatile business environment, especially during the prolonged COVID-19 period. made his job difficult. After carefully researching about the post office franchise model, he assessed the potential, efficiency and high profitability, so he decided to join from May 2021.

Currently, his post office processes hundreds of orders every day. Because he has paid back after the investment, Mr. Tuan is cherishing to expand this model in Bac Ninh.

With a post office franchise, the franchisor can quickly expand its network of operations to many provinces and cities. On the other hand, franchising investors will benefit from available resources from the parent company such as operating system, technology platform, reputation…

Since then, creating the biggest difference between franchising in general and franchising post office is a “win – win” problem for 2 sides: franchisor – franchisee.

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J&T Express post office worker

In addition, franchised post offices are considered a “symbiotic” relationship. The arrival of a new franchised post office in the area usually does not increase the competition among franchisees like franchises. Specifically, the cost that customers have to pay to use the shipping service is the total revenue paid to many related units such as the post office, receiving goods and a freight center…

It can be said that a developed post office will entail other post offices in particular and the entire operating system in general.

The general goal of franchising the post office is to build a comprehensive service supply chain to bring the best benefits to customers and towards the goal of mutual development. The franchised post office will receive long-term support from the franchisor to achieve that goal such as a stable customer file, marketing and promotion policies and training process to quickly catch up with business progress. and early return on initial investment.

Post office owner in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen – Ms. Duong Thi Kim Kieu shared about the policy when investing in franchising at J&T Express: “The parent company always creates favorable conditions for the franchisor through the provision of services. methodical, in-depth training process and initial customer support”.

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Speakers in “Red Guide” evaluate the potential of post office franchising

Commenting on the potential of post office franchising, at the Red Directives seminar series that was just broadcast on May 17, Mr. Do Huu Hung – CEO of AccessTrade Vietnam shared that post office franchising is a sharing economy model. share their interests and resources.

He also added: “I believe the post office franchising solution will create a lot of positive impacts and involve the participation of many partners, households and people with conditions in the provinces and localities. This is a successful model in the world and there will be positive signs soon in Vietnam.”

With successful initial steps in the Vietnamese market, the J&T Express post office franchise model is showing its advantages over other forms of investment and is expected to bring many opportunities to partners, creating new opportunities for customers. exciting for the forwarding market.

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