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Huawei strives to contribute to the development of the digital economy in Asia

In it, Mr. Simon Lin emphasized three aspects: leading digital infrastructure, an open ICT ecosystem and a comprehensive digital sector.

Building digital infrastructure

The leading digital base will underpin the development of the digital economy in the region. Currently, many countries in the region are focusing on promoting digital infrastructure platforms by focusing on promoting digital transformation to strategic policy level along with implementing practical actions.

In his opening speech, Mr. Ken Hu, Rotating Chairman of Huawei commented: “Currently, APAC countries have been doing very well in terms of digital infrastructure. According to ITU, mobile coverage in the region is almost 100%. This is an amazing achievement.”

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Mr. Ken Hu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman speaks at Huawei APAC 2022

Many countries now have specific digital policies in place, and record strong impacts on people’s living experiences. Bangladesh’s 2008 Digitization Strategy has made significant changes to people’s lives as the coverage of mobile broadband has skyrocketed from 0% to 98.5%.

Besides, other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea have developed digitalization policies such as Digital Indonesia, My Digital, Digital Hub and Digital New Deal. Ten years ago there were still some APAC countries that did not have any 3G or 4G infrastructure built but at the current rate of development, GSMA estimates that by 2025 there will be 1.2 billion 5G connections in the region. APAC.

With more than 90 million households and 1 billion mobile users in APAC using Huawei’s connectivity, Mr. Simon Lin emphasized: “Huawei hopes to help APAC build leading and green infrastructure, creating industry ecosystem thrives and empowers a comprehensive and sustainable digitalized APAC”.

According to Mr. Simon Lin, with the 4th position in the emerging APAC market for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Huawei is integrating electronic and digital technologies into energy digitization, for a greener future.

Building an inclusive and open ecosystem

According to Huawei, long-term operation at APAC during the past 30 years, Huawei has established cooperative relationships with nearly 10,000 enterprises and cloud partners, 7,900 enterprise partners, 2,000 partners in the cloud sector and 200 universities in Asia Pacific. In order to support local innovation, Huawei has assisted Singapore in building an Open Lab and Thailand in establishing a 5G Ecosystem Innovation Center. In addition, the company has developed a plan to invest $100 million in the Spark program over the next three years to support ICT startups in the region. Huawei aims to accompany and build an inclusive and open ecosystem.

In addition, Huawei also introduced a series of multi-campus solutions that simplify campus networking and networking scenarios to offices and devices. In the cloud sector, with the announcement of new products and solutions such as GaussDB and DevCloud, Huawei hopes to help the region develop software more efficiently.

Mr. Simon Lin shared: “With our commitment to work with our customers and partners to build an open and healthy industry ecosystem, we hope to help our customers and partners make effective use of the resources available to them. infrastructure and expanding ICT capabilities for digital transformation”.

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Mr. Simon Lin – President of Huawei’s APAC Region shared about Huawei’s strategies and commitments in the region

Building a comprehensive digital sector

“Only a strong team of digital talents can achieve the goal of building a comprehensive and sustainable digital APAC”, emphasized Ms. Yang Mee Eng, Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation at the event. However, Korn Ferry’s report indicates that by 2030, the Asia-Pacific region will face a gap of 47 million talents. But with the region’s hidden potential and young energy, the ASEAN Foundation and Huawei will promote the creation of a training ecosystem focused on developing digital talent, helping to solve the digital skills shortage in the region. area”.

In the search for new solutions and breakthroughs to accelerate the transformation of industries in Indonesia, Huawei has joined hands to expand the nation’s digital talent pool and promote local startups. direction. Huawei has trained 170,000 local citizens in digital skills and will scale this up to 500,000 in the next five years, demonstrating its efforts to develop a talent ecosystem to promote the development of the digital economy.

“Huawei has been active in APAC for a long time. We have served clients here for more than 30 years and are proud to contribute to supporting the digital growth region. Going forward, Huawei will continue to invest heavily in innovation to help partners in the region achieve their strategic development goals. In 2022, we will accelerate innovation for a Green and Digital APAC by promoting digital infrastructure development, low carbon and digital integration”, emphasized Mr.

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