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Invite your best friend to the wedding, did not expect you to notice your wife, 1 year later the husband discovered the shocking truth

A Taiwanese man discovered his wife had an illicit relationship with his best friend, all of which stemmed from his very own wedding day, leaving him extremely angry and disappointed.

Local media reported that in 2018, Mr. Xu, who lives in Dali area, Taichung city, Taiwan, married Ms. Chen after a long time getting to know each other. On his wedding day, Mr. Xu also invited his close friend, Mr. Zhang, to attend. No one expected that this would trigger Mr. Xu’s “nightmare”.

The wedding that day gave Mr. Zhang and Ms. Chen an opportunity to get to know each other. At first, the two just kept a normal friendship. But actually, Mr. Zhang fell in love with Ms. Chen at first sight, admiring her beauty and personality, despite the fact that she was a close friend’s wife.

Invite your best friend to the wedding, unexpectedly you notice your wife, 1 year later the husband discovers the shocking truth - 1


After that, Mr. Zhang took the initiative to contact and flirt with Ms. Chen. Unexpectedly, even though she just got married, Ms. Chen quickly forgot about her husband at home and fell in love with another man. Since then, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Chen have secretly maintained this out-of-the-way relationship. They went out many times to date, and even went on private trips together as a couple.

But “paper cannot wrap fire”, Mr. Xu also quickly discovered this secret. Mr. Xu is extremely angry and depressed, unable to accept the fact that he was cheated on by his wife and best friend at the same time. Therefore, Mr. Xu made an appointment to meet Mr. Zhang at Dali Park to have a frank talk.

Unexpectedly, while talking, Mr. Zhang’s challenging tone made Mr. Xu even more angry. Mr. Xu began to attack Mr. Zhang, hitting him repeatedly with a stick. Mr. Xu then took a razor blade and a pair of scissors to threaten Mr. Zhang, forcing him to take off his pants in public, then shouting: “If you dare to fight back, you will see the consequences. You’d better think twice, don’t force me to do it.”

Faced with Mr. Xu’s aggression, Mr. Zhang had no choice but to obey. Until then, Mr. Xu calmed down. Before leaving, Mr. Xu also threw away Mr. Zhang’s car keys. When he returned home, Mr. Zhang was so angry and embarrassed that he reported his friend to the police.

During the trial, the Taichung City Court found that Mr. Xu used unwarranted ways to attack and threaten Mr. Zhang. However, Mr. Xu also has his reasons. He countered that it was unacceptable for his wife to cheat with her best friend.

In the end, the judge sentenced Mr. Xu to 3 months in prison, plus 30 days of short-term detention for intentionally causing injury and threatening others.

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