Madam Pang urges Thailand U23 to exercise restraint when playing Vietnam U23

Witnessing the hot moments of young players in the semi-final against U23 Indonesia, Madam Pang was very worried.

“Madam” Pang experienced moments of extreme anxiety when the two teams Thailand and Indonesia collided in the final minutes of extra time in the semi-final.

Even coach Mano Polking could not keep his composure, and was eventually warned by the referee with a yellow card.

Madam Pang urges Thailand U23 to exercise restraint when playing U23 Vietnam-1
“Madam” Pang is very worried when many young Thai players lose their temper

The end of this clash was a red card for Thailand, three red cards for Indonesia. Seeing how “Madam” Pang ran out to calm the hot heads of the home team, the fans exclaimed that without her, Thailand would “receive more than one red card and face many disadvantages when being a guest of Thailand”. Vietnam in the final”.

Since the beginning of the tournament, Thailand is the team with the second most red cards because in the first match, midfielder Khemdee was also disqualified, leading to the final defeat against Malaysia.

The team leader understands that the consequences will be extremely harmful if the players continue to lose control like in the past matches.

Therefore, she had to call for calm in the team before the match U23 Vietnam: ‚ÄúPang understands the atmosphere in the field and how much pressure everyone is under when trying to fight hard under that atmosphere. We won’t blame each other for what happened.

But I warned him (William Gabriel – who got a red card against Indonesia). I want people to better control their emotions. Because we’ve learned so many lessons, how the situations where players get sent off affect the game.

Therefore, Pang asked the young players to stay awake and focused on the final for 90 minutes. Everything else is up to the managers.”

After the tense match with Indonesia, the head of the delegation also wanted to calm the hot heads. She admitted that Coach Polking gave the players a full day of rest to regain their balance and be ready for the final.

“Hope everyone recovers in time, ready to meet the host in the final”, “Madam” Pang concluded.

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