North Korea records nearly 220,000 more fever cases and one death

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), citing data from the state’s emergency prevention and control agency, reported that more than 219,030 people showed symptoms of fever, and one death was recorded in the past 24 hours. , bringing the total number of deaths to 66.

The total number of fever cases since the end of April in North Korea has reached more than 2.46 million people, of which more than 1.76 million have recovered and about 692,480 cases are being treated.

North Korea recorded nearly 220,000 more fever cases and one death - 1

North Korea is facing a COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo: Yonhap)

On May 12, North Korea announced the first case of infection with the Omicron variant. Since then, the country has continuously reported more cases of fever. Commenting on the epidemic situation, North Korea affirmed to have achieved “good results” in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Even in the emergency situation of epidemic prevention and control, normal production activities are maintained in key industries and large-scale construction projects are still promoted,” KCNA said. let me know.

Earlier, North Korea said that the fight against the epidemic was taking a “favorable turn”. However, South Korean officials say it is difficult to draw conclusions because it is not clear how North Korea is counting fever and COVID-19 cases.

Many experts say that it is difficult to assess how quickly and widely the disease has spread in the context of North Korea’s lack of mass vaccination and widespread testing.

Chairman Kim Jong-un admitted that North Korea’s response to the epidemic COVID-19 is immature, said government officials are flawed and sluggish in dealing with the epidemic. Mr. Kim Jong-un said “the immaturity of the state’s capacity to respond to the crisis” has increased “complexity and difficulty” in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

North Korea has mobilized armed forces, including 3,000 military medical personnel, for a 24-hour drug distribution system, with 500 response teams to assist in the treatment of infected patients.

In addition, factories in the country are producing more medicines, thermometers and other medical supplies in the capital Pyongyang and surrounding areas. There are also more isolation areas and increased disinfection across the country.

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