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On the shooting range is strong and cool, the beauty in real life is beautiful and thousands of people love it

SEA Games 31 is attracting a lot of attention from sports fans in particular and the online community in general. In addition to the dramatic competitions or precious medals, people also quickly tracked down the profiles of athletes with outstanding and good-looking appearance.

One of the recent notable characters because both beautiful and talented is “shooting beauty” Phi Thanh Thao.

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18-year-old female sniper Phi Thanh Thao made an impression when she attended the 31st SEA Games and won silver

It is known that Phi Thanh Thao was born in 2004, from Thach That (Hanoi). This is the first time an 18-year-old female sniper has attended the largest Southeast Asian Games. On the first day of shooting competition, Thanh Thao competed in the women’s 10m rifle event. Notably, the young gunman made the whole shooting range focus with precise bullets, decisive movements and brought home a silver medal for the Vietnamese team.

Although she has not won the Gold award in this content, many viewers consider it to be a very good result of her. Because for the first time, Thanh Thao could hardly avoid surprises, but the “shooting beauty” still had a spectacular performance, showing the bravery, confidence and determination of youth.

The 18-year-old female gunner attended the SEA Games for the first time: On the shooting range was strong and cool, the beauty in real life was beautiful and thousands of people loved it - Photo 2.

When on the shooting range, she looks cool with a rifle and specialized armor

On May 20, Phi Thanh Thao overcame the Thai female gunner and brought home the gold medal in the 10m three-position rifle event. Up to now, this is the best achievement that the 18-year-old athlete has won. Experts say that Phi Thanh Thao is a promising factor and will shine even more in the future.

A special thing that few people know is that Phi Thanh Thao did not start a sports career with shooting. Accordingly, 5 years ago, she used to practice diving but then quit. After a while, she felt that she was inert and lacked a breakthrough, so she tried to practice shooting and since then became attached to this subject.

Not only attracted by talent, Phi Thanh Thao’s beauty is also a bright spot that makes many people fall in love. The 18-year-old female sniper has a lovely face, “bullet-shaped” eyes, but is very attracted by her strong and confident temperament. On the shooting range, Thanh Thao appeared with a very cool specialized armor. She is always highly focused on aiming and practicing. At that time, Thanh Thao’s beauty became even more prominent and attractive.

The beautiful everyday beauty of “hot girl shooting”

When returning to normal life, Phi Thanh Thao is a young, cheerful and vibrant girl. The photos she posted on social networks received many compliments for her beautiful beauty, bright smile, worthy of the “hot girl” title of the Vietnamese sports team.

Photo: FBNV

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